Frabill, Innovators of Conservation

Frabill, Innovators of Conservation

Plano, IL. (Feb. 15, 2019) – Fishing is a conservationist sport. Participants are conscious minded individuals who do their part in making sure one of the greatest non-renewable resources is well managed and protected. The innovative minds at Frabill have put together a comprehensive series of Conservation Nets that helps anglers return their catch to the water virtually unharmed.

Conservationists with a tug addiction can land fish to their heart’s content. Take comfort in knowing Frabill’s Conservation Series Nets are engineered with fish safety being a top priority.

Conservation Series nets are designed with safe catch and release in mind.

All nets feature 100% knotless mesh netting, limiting any injuries commonly caused by sharp knots.

Available in eight different configurations, the Conservation Series Nets by Frabill pack light, swing great and can accommodate just about any style of fishing. The Conservation Series Nets are custom tailored with species-specific designs that make proper net selection easy for anglers of any discipline.

Flat linear bottoms reduce fish rolling and support the weight of the entire fish. Crankbait lovers rejoice! The Frabill Conservation Series Nets proprietary tangle-free coating prevents hooks from entangling in net.

Frabill Conservation Series Nets are uniquely designed to protect the slime coat of a fish. The materials used to create safer handling and reduce injuries to fish that are more sensitive to slime loss while being landed.

Product Models:

  • 17″x19″ Clear Rubber Conservation Saltwater Net – MSRP $94.99
  • 20″x32″ Conservation Series Landing Net – MSRP $104.99
  • 23″x26″ Conservation Series Landing Net W/Telescoping Handle – MSRP $119.00
  • 23″x26″ Conservation Series Landing Net W/Slide Handle – MSRP $144.99
  • 26″x30″ Conservation Series Landing Net W/Slide Handle – MSRP $154.99
  • 26″x30″ Conservation Series Landing Net W/Telescoping Handle – MSRP $199.99
  • 29″x34″ Conservation Series Landing Net – MSRP $219.99
  • 32″x41″ Conservation Series Landing Net – MSRP $194.99

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