Frabill’s Trophy Haul Nets Land Lifetime of Memories

Grand Prairie, Tx (September 16, 2019) – When the angler has almost won the battle with a fish, the final step of getting the fish in the boat or onto the pier or shore becomes infinitely easier with a thoughtfully designed net. That final moment when capture and loss hangs in the balance is when Frabill’s Trophy Haul™ Power Extend nets shine brightly.

Engineered from the ground up, the Trophy Haul™ Power Extend nets feature innovative and unique design breakthroughs. For one, they feature Power Extend handles that quickly increase the handle length from 38 to 72 inches with the touch of a button. 

The Trophy Haul™ Power Extend comes in three sizes of net hoops: 18″ x 21″; 21″ x 24″ and the big 24″ x 27″ sizes. Each size incorporates an integrated LED light system. The LED light in the yoke that makes it easier to land fish in low light situations-even in complete darkness. Landing fish in the dark is made even easier with the reflective coating on the hoop of that net that virtually lights up in the light from the LED. The illuminated hoop removes the guesswork of whether or not the fish is in the net before the net-man attempts to lift the fish from the water.

Also proven to help the angler is the nets’ asymmetrical Lock-Down Netting™ design. Net the fish, and its weight falls almost directly below the handle, which makes the catch easier to maneuver and hoist. Additionally, the Power Extend nets’ baskets feature Frabill’s innovative Landing Pad™, which is solid, snag-free fabric that allows the fish to get deep within the net without allowing hooks to pierce it. It’s also fish friendly – with flat-bottomed conservation net and snag-proof fish slide. These nets also have a unique, Power Grip™ handle on the yoke that makes it easy to get the net under the fish pull it out of the water, no matter how big the fish.

Anglers want that extra edge of top-flight design to help them land every fish they hook. Frabill’s new Power Extend and standard sliding models in the Trophy Haul Nets series both give anglers what they want.

Designed to land large game, the Trophy Haul™ Predator features a heavy-duty, reinforced 72″ sliding handle to give anglers the all the strength and leverage needed to hoist trophy fish up and out of the water. Featuring Frabill’s largest hoop, the Predator can handle trophy-class freshwater fish like Muskie and Striper and trophy class saltwater fish like Redfish and Snook. 

Big creatures seem to always stir at night. The Predator’s lighted yoke and reflective hoop make it the perfect fishing accessory for chasing big fish in the dark. Paired together, the light and reflective hoop fill the water with light, giving anglers an extra advantage to land large fish after sundown.

All Trophy Haul™ Series Nets come outfitted with Frabill’s Lockdown™   asymmetrical flat-bottom net. The Trophy Haul Net bags are constructed of fish-friendly, conservation netting and are designed to support the weight of the fish’s body resulting in as little stress to the fish as possible. The asymmetrical design also puts the weight of the fish closer to the handle. This dramatically reduces the leverage force needed to lift larger fish from the water.

The rugged Securi-Tab™ on the bottom of the net gives anglers improved control over the bag of the net. Simply secure the bright-yellow tab with an index finger to keep the net free and clear from obstruction in the boat while netting a fish.

Standard on all Trophy Haul™ Series Nets is the Power Grip™ handle and over-molded rubber grips. The yoke handle, positioned where the net meets the handle, gives anglers added control and balance not found on standard fishing nets. Combined with the over-molded grip at the rear of the handle, anglers are able to lift fish with minimal effort and maximum control.

If you’re chasing big fish, make sure there’s a Predator on board.

Product Features:

  Trophy Haul™ Power Extend 1821 (FRBNX18E)

  Trophy Haul™ Power Extend 2124 (FRBNX21E)

  Trophy Haul™ Power Extend 2427 (FRBNX24E)

  • Handled yoke adds balance and removes stress
  • Lighted module and reflective hoop improve visibility
  • Integrated push-button handle release
  • Extends from 38 to 72 inches in length
  • Asymmetrical, flat-bottomed net 
  • Fish-friendly conservation netting
  • Snag-proof fish slide 
  • Over-molded rubber grips

Trophy Haul™ Predator 

  • Massive 27″ x 30″ hoop size
  • Revolutionary handled yoke with Lockdown™ asymmetrical netting
  • 72″ Heavy-duty sliding handle
  • Light module and reflective hoop improve visibility
  • Fish-friendly Conservation Netting
  • Improved net control with Securi-Tab™
  • Over-molded rubber grips

Frabill’s Trophy Haul Nets are unsurpassed in cutting edge design that translates to more successfully landed fish, a continued commitment from the company, which for 80 years has been satisfying the most discerning of anglers.

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