GATORZ Launches New Laser Defender Technology

Gatorz is known for its durability and functionality, and now brings a new technology to its lineup with Laser Defender Lenses. 

Having good eye protection has been a staple for our military and active shooters alike for a long time, but not until recently has laser protection become a dire need for law enforcement and other professionals that are likely to have encounters with errant laser wavelengths. 

Designed to protect eyes from harmful laser wavelengths, the Gatorz Laser Defender lenses are the perfect tool for law enforcement, pilots and anyone who can be subject to damaging laser strikes.

Available in popular ANSI Z87.1/MILSPEC Ballistic rated Magnum and Specter frames, this new technology took Gatorz’ high-impact resistant polycarbonate lens, and infused a special light-absorbing dye that is treated to block out the most common, and the most harmful laser light wavelengths. Understanding that there are multiple types of lasers with different wavelength variations, Gatorz has designed four different lens options to cover most needs.

Specter Laser Daylight

Magnum Laser Infrared

Magnum Laser Low-Light

Specter Laser Photochromic 

The four Laser Defender lenses include a daytime lens that has a 23% VLT (visible light transmission), a low-light lens that offers 40% VLT, an Infrared lens with 51% VLT, and a low-light photochromic lens that can shift between 40% VLT and 12% VLT depending on the light you are exposed to. The four different lenses provide protection from different variations of laser wavelengths, including red, blue, green, violet and invisible infrared.

American-made, and backed by a lifetime frame warranty, and 30-day no hassle return policy, GATORZ frames are built from lightweight, durable, aircraft-grade billet 7075-T6 aluminum and are designed to provide excellent coverage. Both the frame and the nosepiece fully adjust to you, and not the other way around. 

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About GATORZ Eyewear:

GATORZ Eyewear is a performance eyewear company based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 1989, they have prided themselves in producing performance eyewear that not only looks good, but is created to last and endure any adventure you take them on. With durability that stands up to the test of the Elite Operators of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), there is nothing GATORZ Eyewear cannot handle.

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