Retractor Products for Rangefinders, Binoculars, Calls and More Keep What You Need At-the-Ready

The right pack, clothing, ammo – it’s the last minute scramble to make sure you’re geared up and ready for the fall hunting season Make sure Gear Keeper® retractable products make your list of must-haves this fall to ensure your equipment stays safe and ready for you in the moment you need them. Topping the list this season for hunters includes: the Deluxe Instrument Tether, the Rangefinder Retractable Holster, the Call Lanyard and the Dog Training Transmitter tether. All are constructed to perform flawlessly season after season making them wise purchases for your gear.

Simple and easy to use, the Deluxe Instrument Tether is perfect for your GPS, rangefinder, radio or camera. For extra protection, use the company’s Rangefinder Retractable Holster, which houses your rangefinder in a protected and padded pouch. Duck hunters can also utilize the Dog Training Transmitter tether to keep everything organized and ready for use. All retractors allow you to pull out the device when in close pursuit, use it and let it go knowing it will stay close to your body safe from bushes, branches and rocks. Extremely versatile, retractable tethers come with multiple mounting options with the ability to attach to your hunting jacket, in a pocket, to a belt or strap or to a D-ring. A Velcro mounting system can also be used with the Rangefinder Retractable Holster to be mounted to a vertical or horizontal fixed pack strap.

The Gear Keeper Call Lanyard is an essential accessory for the avid duck hunter. For when multiple calls are needed – a tangled mess of calls can be noisy and most importantly means you can’t use the one you want when you need it. Choose from two models which hold either two or four calls. A side-release system allows for an easy connect/disconnect.

Retractors allow for full-arm extension, and are built to last in virtually any environment. Use them on a boat or wetlands knowing the retractor is constructed to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure. It’s patented design works to flush sand and debris out of the unit as the line retracts. Constructed of stainless steel components, and proven to work use after use, the retractors utilize a Nylon/Kevlar line available in various high-pound break strengths. All also employ the company’s Quick Connect-II System adding convenience and flexibility. A high-impact casing means Gear Keeper Retractors can take repeated bumps and knocks.

The original Gear Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in more than 3,000 configuration options and used in applications from hunting, fishing and hiking to law enforcement, military and trucking.

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