Gearing Up for the Hunt – Performance Built for a Purpose

Gearing Up for the Hunt – Performance Built for a Purpose

Boise, Idaho (September 3, 2018) – Every hunt comes down to a single, critical shot but leading up to that hunt, there are hours of training, shooting, scouting, study and gear prep. After all those hours of sweat and preparation require gear that is built to perform with a specific purpose. Like the boots on your feet and the pack on your back, your rifle has to shoulder a heavy load. It must pull its weight through the heat, cold and rain. Over mountains, through the snow and across the most difficult terrain around.

2A Armament has set a new standard for rifles built with a purpose. The AR platform is exceptional for hunting with lightweight rifles that are more reliable and durable than anything on the market. The performance is especially desirable for hardcore mountain hunters who push hard in the backcountry and need a rifle built to military specs that can handle anything.

What makes 2A rifles so special for hunters? Look at the XLR-20 AR10 in a 6.5mm Creedmoor for a prime example. At an incredible 6.85-pounds, it weighs less than many backcountry tents but the CNC machined upper and lower receivers, full mass bolt and carrier and titanium gas block make this precision built, highly machined rifle a rare breed in the hunting market. Blend in with the KUIU camo pattern and fire through any conditions without weighing down your pack.

The BLR-16 Gen 2 Rifle is another prime example of a rifle built for hunters who want the ultimate in lightweight mobility without losing performance. At 5-pounds, this is built for hunters chasing game in high basins and crawling up vertical slopes in search of their quarry. Five pounds is unheard of in a hunting rifle until now.

Built with performance and craftsmanship in mind, 2A Armament offers a dynamic line up of hunting and precision rifles, uppers, parts, and accessories. 2A Armament’s facilities feature state of the art manufacturing and process controls to ensure the highest possible quality in high-volume, technically demanding components and finished rifles on the market. We are a CNC, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified advance manufacturing machining shop for the aerospace, medical, prosthetic, motorsports, semiconductor and outdoor recreation markets. Out technical ability coupled with hand finishing of every part, results in an unmatched fit, finish, and performance of our firearms. There is no better AR platform available to consumers that present a better balance or weight, performance and value.

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