Getting Fit for the Hunt on “It’s Federal Season” Podcast

ANOKA, Minnesota – November 5, 2020 – Getting the most out of every hunt or shooting competition by improving your fitness is the focus of the episode of “It’s Federal Season.” Former Navy Seal and founder of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro weighs in on why fitness not only improves your health but can improve your hunting and shooting experience.

Episode No. 15 – Getting Fit for the Hunt

“Dave has a great story on becoming a Navy Seal and how he got involved in the CrossFit craze,” says Jason Nash, Federal Ammunition’s Vice President of Marketing. “More important, he has great advice on how improved fitness can enhance your hunting and shooting skills,” stated Nash. Castro addresses getting started on CrossFit, the benefits of the program, and his journey on becoming a proficient shooter.

In the Tech Talk segment, Product Director Mike Holm weighs in on the proper mechanics of shooting and how and what practice before for your next hunt. Find out what promotions are currently running and take advantage of some great offers from Federal Ammunition.

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