Give Dad the Gift of Treestand Safety This Father’s Day With Primal Treestand Products

Littleton, Colorado — Your dad means the world to you. Help him enjoy his time in the stand while keeping him safe and your mind at ease with Primal Treestands’ Emergency Descender and Primal Treestands’ ladder stands featuring the Grip Jaw and Backbone Stabilizer Truss Systems.

Hopefully, your dad wears a safety harness during his time in the stand, but honestly, it’s not enough.

If a hunter falls while wearing a harness it only takes a few minutes of hanging before the leg straps can interrupt blood flow to and from his legs, causing a deadly condition known as suspension trauma, which can cause pain, unconsciousness and even death within as little as 15 minutes. For this reason, it’s critical to avoid hanging in the harness, and to get down as quickly and safely as possible.

The Emergency Descender lowers the hunter to the ground automatically and hands-free immediately after a fall. Even if a hunter is unconscious or injured, the Emergency Descender can provide an automatic and gradual descent to the ground.

This patented system can be used with the hunter’s current full-body safety harness, as long as the harness meets ASTM standards for a fall-arrest system. The weight range for users is 120 to 300 pounds.

The Emergency Descender is small enough to fit into a coat or safety harness pocket, weighs less than 2 pounds and allows the hunter to be attached to a tree at 25 feet from the ground.

At a suggested retail price of only $50, the Emergency Descender is an affordable, simple, life-saving system that makes a perfect gift for your dad this Father’s day.

Watch the Emergency Descender in action here!

Add to your peace of mind by giving Dad a Primal Treestands ladder stand this Father’s Day. The ladder stands are outfitted with the patented Grip Jaw and Backbone Stabilizer Truss systems to provide a safer, sturdier and quieter hunting experience.

Your dad can secure the Grip Jaw and Truss systems to the tree before he ever leaves the ground. The jaw system is engaged by tightening the stabilizer strap’s ratchet system. The jaws will then encompass the tree, enhancing safety.

The stabilizer strap that is attached to the Grip Jaw System runs through the stand’s stabilizer bar and pulls it toward the middle to enhance stabilization and silence. The stabilizer strap will also allow the hunter to hunt from an offset tree, providing him with the opportunity to hunt from trees he wouldn’t be able to with just a conventional stabilizer bar.

The patented Backbone Stabilizer Truss System eliminates noise with a cable that puts a gradual bow in the ladder to create pressure on all the ladder sections to silence squeaks and creaks that alert wildlife to the hunter’s whereabouts.

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Watch this video to learn more about the Grip Jaw and Backbone Stabilizer Truss System.

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