Treestands and ground blinds are the most popular setups for taking deer, and with good reason: They’re more comfortable than sitting on the ground, and they offer much better concealment. Even the most expensive stands and blinds don’t offer much in the way of support for firearms hunters. However, the folks at Swagger Bipods, creators of the All-Terrain Bipod; think treestand and blind hunters deserve better. That’s why Swagger designed a bipod specifically to provide treestand and ground blind hunters with the rock-steady yet flexible support needed to make a perfect shot every time: The Swagger Hunter42 Model.

A steady hold, combined with a smooth trigger pull, is the key to a clean, ethical shot. Unfortunately, lock-on treestands don’t offer support for a firearm. Even climbing stands with a safety rail require a hunter to bend dramatically and unnaturally to put an eye in a scoped gun resting on the safety rail. Ground blinds are no better, with ultra-flexible windows that barely support a wet fly, let alone a scoped firearm.

The Swagger Hunter42 Model bipod is a revolution in adaptable support. Like traditional gun-mounted bipods, the Swagger has extendable legs to easily change height. What sets the Swagger Hunter42 Model apart from other bipods is its ability to flex and move as a hunter shifts point of aim.

This unique ability is achieved with sturdy springs at the top of the bipod legs. These springs gently bend with pressure, allowing a hunter to remain rock steady while keeping a walking animal centered in the scope.

Being able to steadily shift point of aim without moving the bipod legs is a major advantage for treestand hunters who often have just a few inches of platform space to work with. It’s equally helpful to ground blind hunters who have to keep a gun centered in mostly closed window openings. The reduced movement afforded by a Swagger Hunter42 Model also comes in handy when alert doe eyes and ears are stationed right outside a blind.

Also, because it mounts solidly to your firearm, a Swagger Hunter42 will never fall to the ground from a treestand, nor slip out from under a gun in a ground blind. And how many more hunters would use a bipod if they weren’t another item to carry? Swagger Bipods are always attached and in perfect position for deployment, and you’ll never have to worry about leaving it at camp or in the truck.

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Made in the USA and equipped with numerous unique high performance features, we at Swagger are confident that our bipods will do for you what no bipod has ever done before. We back claim that with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Swagger bipods are also covered by our Shoot With Confidence Guarantee. If your Swagger bipod does not give you more shooting flexibility and more shooting confidence, send the product back to us within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, and we will buy it back.

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