Dependability and Simple Operation Make the New GloryNock Green Lighted Nock a Must-Have Bowhunting Accessory

San Antonio, TX – The new GloryNock™ has been noted as one of the most exciting new bowhunting products to hit the market in 2018 thanks to its patent-pending design that allows for the simplest, most dependable operation possible. Available in several bright LED colors including the popular bright green, the new revolutionary lighted nock solves all the common problems of its predecessors, making it the must-have bowhunting accessory this season.

“The goal of the new GloryNock was to keep operation incredibly simple while solving the most common complaints lighted nock users have of brands currently on the market,” said Stu Minica, President and Founder of GloryNock. “No tools are required to turn the GloryNock on/off; there are no holes on the side for blood and debris to get into; it’s just simple and effective design we know bowhunters will appreciate,” he added.

The beauty behind GloryNock is how it’s intently engineered for simple operation. Once the GloryNock leaves the bowstring, the LED is activated and is designed to remain in the ‘on’ position until the shooter is ready to turn it off. While switching the light off is quick and simple, the nock incorporates a built-in double safety feature, which ensures the light will stay activated until the user nocks the arrow back on the bowstring again while lightly pressing down the side latch simultaneously. This means one can’t just turn off the nock by pressing a button. This double safety element adds to the GloryNock’s dependability, ensuring it will never inadvertently turn off.

Another smart design feature of the GloryNock can be noted by what’s actually not incorporated into the nock – a hole in the side which in other nock brands, commonly allows blood and other contaminants to enter. A concern of the past for lighted nock users, now that the GloryNock has arrived. Whether you’re out hunting or practicing at dusk for better visibility, shooters will also experience the lightest and brightest nocks yet with GloryNock, which deliver 20+ hours of effective illumination.

Minica was the original inventor of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, and is well known for his legacy in engineering state-of-the-art archery products. A degreed mechanical engineer and avid archer, Minica has worked for many years to simplify and perfect the design of modern lighted nocks. GloryNock patent-pending LED lighted nocks are available for both vertical bows and crossbows in a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit any archer’s needs and preferences.

GloryNock lighted nocks are Made in the USA and have a suggested retail price of $24.99/3-pack, $9.99/single pack (for vertical bows) and $29.99/3-pack for crossbows. GloryNock 3-packs are on sale now for pre-order at and will begin shipping May 1, 2018.

About GloryNock
GloryNock is a brand of Doubletake Archery, LLC based out of San Antonio, TX. Created by the original innovator of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, GloryNock is the next level in lighted nock innovation. The new full line features brighter, lighter nocks that users can easily turn on/off and are dependable with simple bowstring activation and de-activation (no tools required). GloryNock lighted nocks are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and are made in the USA. Patent pending. For more information visit

*Nockturnal is a registered trademark of FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC. GloryNock is not associated with Nockturnal or FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC.