The Universal GloryNock-FIT Gives Archers Lighted Nock Performance that Works with
Most Common Arrow Diameters

San Antonio, TX – The new Patent-Pending GloryNock™ tool-free LED-lighted nock is quickly proving to be the must-have new archery accessory for bowhunters this season. The universal-fit, GloryNock-FIT model gives archers more flexibility as they get dialed in for the coming season.

“The response to the GloryNock has been outstanding so far,” said Stu Minica, President and Founder of GloryNock. “We offer specific-fit models for standard arrow diameters, and we wanted to add a universal fit option for bowhunters who want the simplest, most dependable lighted nock to use as they get dialed in for the coming season’s hunts.”

Simplicity is the key to the success of the GloryNock and the goal of the engineering process behind its development. Once the GloryNock leaves the bowstring, the LED is activated. It is designed to remain on until the shooter is ready to turn it off, which is a quick and simple operation. GloryNocks’ bright light stays activated until the user nocks the arrow back on the bowstring again while simultaneously lightly pressing down the side latch. The light cannot just be turned off by simply pressing a button. This double-safety element ensures it will never inadvertently turn off and adds to the GloryNock’s dependability.

The GloryNock-FIT is a universal-fit nock. It works with the most common arrow internal diameters of .204 (X), .233 (H), .244 (S) and .246 (GT). This makes the GloryNock-FIT perfect for archers who are unsure about their arrow diameter, or for those archers who are shooting multiple arrow diameters during a season, such as those who go up in size for an elk hunt and then down to a smaller diameter for whitetail deer. Like all GloryNocks, the FIT is available in Red, Blue, Green and Pink colors.

Unlike other lighted nocks that have sliding components or holes that allow blood and other contaminants to enter the nock, the GloryNock is a solid nock with no moving parts, making it look, feel and shoot the same as a standard nock. Whether you’re out hunting or practicing at dusk for better visibility, shooters will experience the lightest and brightest nocks yet with GloryNock, which deliver 20+ hours of effective illumination.

GloryNock lighted nocks are Made in the USA. The GloryNock-FIT nocks have a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 3-pack. They are currently on sale at

About GloryNock
GloryNock is a brand of Doubletake Archery, LLC based out of San Antonio, TX. Created by the original innovator of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, GloryNock is the next level in lighted nock innovation. The new full line features brighter, lighter nocks that users can easily turn on/off and are dependable with simple bowstring activation and de-activation (no tools required). GloryNock lighted nocks are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and are made in the USA. Patent pending. For more information visit

*Nockturnal is a registered trademark of FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC. GloryNock is not associated with Nockturnal or FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC.