The GloryNock Crossbow Nock Brings Quality and Visibility, Giving You the
Hunting Edge

San Antonio, TX – GloryNock® has developed the ultimate tool-free, LED-lighted crossbow nock. Taking the patent-pending, revolutionary lighted-nock design and developing it for crossbows is a challenge that GloryNock happily exceeded.

“Crossbows create a specific challenge for lighted nock technology,” said Stu Minica, President and Founder of GloryNock. “The compact design and extreme speeds of today’s crossbows can be brutal on equipment. We had to work hard to develop a product that can take the load created by the shot, but the result is definitely worth it. The GloryNock Crossbow Nock is the perfect way to track your bolt and make an ethical shot.”

The GloryNock Crossbow Nock comes in two sizes to fit most common crossbow bolt diameters – .300 and .297. Additionally, there are two styles, with a Crescent Nock and a Flat Nock, that fit your crossbow’s specific needs and your personal preferences. You can also choose between red and green LEDs.

Once the GloryNock leaves the bowstring, the LED is activated. It is that simple, and that simplicity was the driving force behind the design. The LED will remain on for over 20 hours of continuous illumination, until the shooter is ready to turn it off, another quick and simple operation. The bright GloryNock light stays activated until the archer places the arrow against the bowstring, lightly presses down the side latch and then removes the nock from the string. The LED cannot just be turned off by simply pressing a button, creating a double-safety element to ensure it will never inadvertently turn off. Unlike other lighted nocks that have sliding components or holes that allow blood and other contaminants to enter the nock, the GloryNock shoots like a solid nock. None of the parts move during the shot to make the LED activate, making it look, feel and shoot the same as a standard nock, and there is no effect on accuracy. Simplicity and dependability – key to the GloryNock success.

GloryNock lighted nocks are Made in the USA. The GloryNock Crossbow Nocks have a suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 3-pack and will be available May 1, 2019 at

About GloryNock
GloryNock is a brand of Doubletake Archery, LLC based out of San Antonio, TX. Created by the original innovator of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, GloryNock is the next level in lighted nock innovation. The new full line features brighter, lighter nocks that users can easily turn on/off and are dependable with simple bowstring activation and de-activation (no tools required). GloryNock lighted nocks are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and are made in the USA. Patent pending. For more information visit