The New Vantage Wide-Angle Scopes Bring a Major Advantage in Vision and Accuracy at a Minor Cost to You

Hawke® Optics is at the forefront in producing quality sporting optics that perform in the field at a terrific value to the consumer. In keeping with that tradition, Hawke presents the new Vantage WA series of riflescopes that bring clarity, eye relief and field of view at a price that is easy on any budget.

We often think that to get the perfect hunting rifle, we have to spend a small fortune to build the ultimate package. That all changed in recent years, with high-quality, accurate rifles coming out every year at lower price points and a wide-range of caliber options. Optics manufacturers are keeping up with scopes that pack in some of the qualities of higher-end optics, at lower-end prices. None can match what Hawke is doing with the new Vantage WA scopes. Built on a 30mm mono-tube mainframe design, the Vantage WA lineup has fixed parallax at 100 yards and are versatile options for mid- to long-range hunting with both small-bore and centerfire rifles.

Each of the three Vantage WA models comes loaded with 11-layer fully-multicoated optics that provide an amazing level of clarity and image quality at any price range. They offer a glass-etched reticle with selectable red/green illumination and a five-position adjustable rheostat on the saddle. ¼-MOA fingertip, low-profile turrets give you quick and easy adjustment to get on target fast and stay there. Fast-focus adjustment and plenty of eye-relief make target acquisition easy and reliable. The scopes are equipped with the L4A Dot reticle that has a more open post design for clearer vision of the target. These are exceptional scopes for the money.

The Vantage WA 1-4×24 is perfect for quick target acquisition situations and rifles, such as hunting in thick cover, or with use on today’s modern sporting rifles. It has a 31.5ft field of view at 100 yards on 4X power and 126ft at 100 yards on 1X. It has a generous 3.5-inches of eye relief and is fully waterproof, shockproof and nitrogen purged. It is rated for all calibers. This is a lot of scope for $249.99.

The Hawke Vantage WA 2.5-10×50 is a perfect all-around WA scope for all hunting and shooting applications. The field of view at 100 yards goes from 50.4 feet down to 12.6 feet at 10X. It is perfect for everything from western coyotes, to Midwest whitetails. It is fully waterproof, shockproof and nitrogen purged with 3.5-inches of eye relief. At only $269.99, there is no competition for this scope.

An amazing value at only $289.99, the Vantage 3-12×56 WA scope is the ultimate in value-packed, wide-angle scopes. With a 10.7ft field of view at 100 yards on 12X, this scope truly opens the range up and provides the hunter a perfect platform for any hunting situation with optimal light transmission, clarity and accuracy. It carries the same waterproof, shockproof and nitrogen-purged design with 3.5 inches of eye relief that the rest of the Vantage WA line does.

Like all Hawke Optics products, the Vantage WA models carry Hawke’s No-Fault Lifetime Warranty. No questions asked – it’s covered.

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