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GoBQ Grill Offers Unique Opportunity for Investors

GoBQ Grill Offers Unique Opportunity for Investors

GoBQ Grill StartEngine Campaign Offers Unique Opportunity for Investors

CHICAGO, IL, August 1st, 2020 – GoBQ® Grill recently announced that its current financing on the StartEngine Crowdfunding platform will be extended. According to Todd Zaroban, CEO of GoBQ® Grill, “Even in the thick of this crazy global pandemic our customers are venturing out in the world grilling with their family and friends – telling us how much they LOVE their GoBQ – the images and stories they share of their very socially distant grilling excursions are priceless. And combined with all the amazing accolades we’re getting from grilling experts and the media, it’s all incredibly encouraging to me personally and especially to our investors – we know we’re on the right path.”

With the grilling industry ripe for disruption, Eric Goeten, Inventor and Chief Product Designer states, “We want to raise enough capital to expand our product line, scale up production capacity, and bring our vision as a brand and lifestyle to the masses. We have a gas-fueled version in the works which we believe will be even more popular than the charcoal version. What’s great about the StartEngine platform is that GoBQ fans and supporters have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, invest in our company, and join us in this exciting adventure.”

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About GoBQ® Grill

GoBQ® Grill produces portable grills made from foldable fireproof fabric. The GoBQ® Grill is compact enough to fit in a backpack and can be stored in a drawer. Weighing in under 10 pounds, it is easy to carry on bike or on foot. Winner of multiple awards, including winner of CNET’s Best Portable Charcoal Grill for 2020, and rated Popular Mechanics ‘Best Portable Grills of Summer 2020 / Best Collapsible Grill.’ There is no grill on the market that matches the GoBQ grill in portability and functionality. The GoBQ® Grill also cools 7 times faster than metal grills, making it truly practical to travel with anywhere.

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