Gordy & Sons, Outfitters to exclusively distribute Rigby branded ammunition in the United States

HOUSTON (August 25, 2018)– Gordy & Sons is pleased to announce they will be the sole US retailer to distribute the line of John Rigby & Co. branded ammunition which pairs perfectly with the award-winning Highland Stalker rifle in the traditional .275 Rigby calibre.

Working in conjunction with Hornady, Rigby has joined forces with the market-leading American ammunition giants to develop and produce a Rigby-branded cartridge, featuring Hornady’s 140 gr InterLock® SP bullets.

The Custom™ load is suitable for species ranging from medium-sized game, like mule deer or impala to large game, such as elk or whitetail deer. Hornady’s precision manufacturing process ensures that every round is hand-inspected to ensure the highest levels of quality control, effectively offering the advantages of hand-loaded accuracy in a factory load. The ammunition balances expansion and penetration, while its secant ogive design creates the optimum blend of ballistic efficiency and bearing surface, for flatter shooting and less drag.

Managing Director of John Rigby & Co. Marc Newton commented, “As one of the leading hunting outfitters in the country Gordy & Sons is a natural choice to carry this product exclusively. I’ve been very lucky to have visited gun stores all over the world, but Gordy & Sons is truly special. It is one of the best sporting outfitters in the world with its focus on high-end guns. With their passionate support of our brand and our tradition, we feel it is a great channel to bring this innovative product to the consumer.”
Mike Burnett, Retail Director of Gordy & Sons, added: “Rigby is consistently seeking the very best products from professionals in the field. We feel that this ammunition is a prime example of expert design and manufacturing, developed for the keen hunter who has a passion for big game all over the world. We are more than confident this product is meant for the Gordy & Sons customer.”

RRP: $84.95 per box.

About Gordy & Sons: Having opened its doors in May 2017, Gordy & Sons, Outfitters is an independent, family-owned retail business founded because of a love for hunting and fly fishing, bespoke and fine guns that are voraciously collected and fielded. Located in an 11,000 square foot 1950’s-style stucco building, Gordy & Sons also carefully curates rare sporting art impressively displayed, and keeps up with the local culinary game world, supporting wild food and sustainable resources. With a team of gunsmiths on site for services and repairs, a dedicated customer service team and unparalleled knowledge of the industry, Gordy & Sons is the nation’s premier destination for outdoor pursuits products and services.

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