Gotta love Hi-Point “FIREARM FAILURES”

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, April 2019-Hi-Point Firearms is known for tough, reliable, accurate, affordable guns! But, really?

With a few million Hi-Point firearms in the market it is only reasonable that some will be returned for various reasons under Hi-Point’s incredible lifetime warranty that follows the gun regardless of owner. A couple of “interesting” examples:

Windy story: A Hi-Point carbine that was cruelly abused in 2018 by a 150 mile-an-hour probably anti-gun tornado beat it up and then tossed it around a neighborhood. The owner sent it to the company for warranty service. Looking over the innocent 7-pound crumpled carbine Hi-Point replaced it with a new one under the warranty. One wonders if the makers of the $800 plus carbines would do that?

Incredible inaccuracy:¬†Recently a Hi-Point carbine was returned for being inaccurate. The new owner just could not hit the target. He diligently worked at it too, firing 30 rounds and still no joy. Obviously it was a fault of the gun so he sent it back to the factory for them to fix the “accuracy problem.”

The factory quickly determined using all the scientific tests devised by man (including nuclear weapon tests) that the “accuracy problem” was the bore was full of fired bullets. Thusly, this validated all known scientific tests that bullets that do not exit a gun barrel are a major cause of not hitting the target.

Seeing the “accuracy problem” Hi-Point still warranted the carbine. The shooter got a new “more accurate” carbine accompanied with a helpful note from the factory on how to avoid this type of “accuracy problem” in the future.*

Affordable, accurate and reliable Hi-Points have been tossed, crushed, smashed, dropped from great heights, burned, drowned in various liquids, buried, driven over, shot, blown up and much more for various fun to watch “tests” on Youtube. Hi-Point eagerly awaits to see commensurate “tests” with the high-dollar carbines.

*NOTE:¬†All Hi-Point firearms are factory test fired several times before shipping to ensure function and safety and of course, that the bullets actuallyleave the barrel–especially when fired with correctly loaded ammunition–factory ammo is best regardless of firearm brand.

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