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GoWild Launches Show Dedicated to Finding Gear Via Experts—And Data

GoWild Launches Show Dedicated to Finding Gear Via Experts—And Data

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The social media platform, GoWild, just released a new show that is all about finding the best gear for outdoor pursuits. And it’s possibly the first outdoor show to curate gear recommendations and feedback based on ecommerce data. 

The show, Gearbox Talk, is hosted by GoWild Cofounder, CEO, Brad Luttrell. Gearbox Talk will tackle a variety of gear topics, ranging from fishing to hunting, hiking to shooting, and shows will vary from beginner to advanced topics. 

“In 2019, we noticed a ton of conversation happening on GoWild about gear. So we built our ecommerce integration, Gearbox, to help facilitate that. But even with 250,000 products in that system, sometimes you just want to hear what the experts have to say. Gearbox Talk is going to be the perfect meld of what gear is trending on GoWild, and what veteran outdoor enthusiasts have to say.”

— Brad Luttrell, GoWild Cofounder, Host of Gearbox Talk

GoWild dropped five episodes this week, with a range of guests, including professional angler, John Hunter, the founder of Backcountry Fuel Box, Cody Rich, and the hunting and fishing guide duo, Lyn and Lacey Hoffman. GoWild’s own team members, Jacob Knight and Arica Johnson, also join for two of the first shows. In coming shows, Luttrell will discuss gear that is surging in popularity according to GoWild’s ecommerce data, and get the expert’s feedback. 

Luttrell believes outdoor content all-too-often assumes a base level of knowledge that newbies just don’t have, which can make it difficult for newcomers to learn. 

“We’re curating a show that shamelessly asks questions for beginners—because we all start somewhere—and can also carry out more advanced conversations when the timing is right,” Luttrell said. “I’m not here to impress anyone with my knowledge. I’m here to help people learn from veteran hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.”

The show is hosted on GoWild’s YouTube, and available as a podcast. All episodes will live within the GoWild platform on GoWild’s profile, too.  Visit to join GoWild. 

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