Steve Chastain Co. and Heckel-Nokes Outdoors to Represent Grizzly Cartridge

Rainier, Ore. – Grizzly Cartridge, Co. is proud to announce it has recently brought on two new sales representative groups to aggressively sell the brand’s growing line of premium ammunition in each of their specialized regions. Steve Chastain Co. will sell exclusively to the MINK and TALO states while Heckel-Nokes Outdoors will cover the Mountain States.

“Both Steve Chastain Co. and Heckel-Nokes Outdoors offer seasoned professionals in the sporting goods industry as well as in their respective regions, and we feel confident that with these sales team updates, 2019 will be our best year yet,” said Mike Rintoul, Owner of Grizzly Cartridge.

Steve Chastain Co. will be representing the brand in the MINK and TALO states territory, which includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Established in 1982, the company has more than 37 years of experience representing some of the largest brands in the sporting goods industry. With founder Steve Chastain at the helm, the company has positioned itself as a top sales agency with a strong reputation for delivering hard work and sales results for its clients. “We’re passionate about the outdoors and quality products, and we’re excited and ready to increase sales for Grizzly Cartridge within our region,” said Chastain.

Heckel-Nokes Outdoors will be servicing the Mountain States on behalf of Grizzly, which includes Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon as well as secondary territory states: Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. With more than 40 years of combined sales experience in the sporting goods industry, the group has cultivated strong relationships with retailers, buying group members, chain stores and both large and small distributors in this region.  “There’s no question that Grizzly’s quality and service sets them apart in the industry, and we look forward to growing the company’s market share within the Mountain States region,” said Terry Heckel, Co-Founder of Heckel-Nokes Outdoors.

About Grizzly Cartridge Co.
In 2003 Grizzly Cartridge Company started with the idea from founder Mike Rintoul, that all engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions for every product would routinely undergo his personal inspection, maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. That same commitment goes into every product made and sold, including the Cast Performance bullets. The company is committed to providing shooters and hunters with innovative and quality products. The trained professionals offer you unparalleled support to ensure all of your adventures in the great outdoors will be enjoyable and successful.  

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