Get Better Accuracy and Down-Range Performance From Your 30.06 with Grizzly Premium Ammunition Line

Rainier, Ore. – While some love to debate the age-old argument over which caliber is best for hunting big game, one thing holds true – the venerable 30.06 can and has handled more big-game species than any other. Grizzly Cartridge Co. has built a reputation for producing premium ammunition and bullets and now they bring all of their expertise to bear on the 30.06. The results are simply amazing.

Grizzly’s Premium ammunition is the result of countless hours of development and attention that only a small company can provide. While other companies may have teams of gunsmiths working on countless loads for countless numbers of calibers, Grizzly is focused on perfecting just a few. “Aught Six” shooters looking for the ultimate in range, precision and kinetic energy retention, look no further.

Grizzly starts with custom powder blend that is precision matched to the bullet to provide the optimal velocity to push the round to its maximum potential. Muzzle velocity with the Grizzly load is 2,950 feet-per-second. This is matched with a custom 168-grain VLD bullet that is a perfect blend of weight and design. It ensures that the bullet is going to fly truer, further and have enough energy to get the job done at the other end. 

With the vast number of 30.06-chambered rifles out there, shooters are always looking for ways to increase hunting performance.

About Grizzly Cartridge Co.
In 2003 Grizzly Cartridge Company started with the idea from founder Mike Rintoul, that all engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions for every product would routinely undergo his personal inspection, maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. That same commitment goes into every product made and sold, including the Cast Performance bullets. The company is committed to providing shooters and hunters with innovative and quality products. The trained professionals offer you unparalleled support to ensure all of your adventures in the great outdoors will be enjoyable and successful.  For more information visit