S.O.S. and Grunt Style Collaborated to Create a Limited-Run Shirt that Memorializes the One-Year Anniversary of a Tragic Event

Shield Our Schools (S.O.S.) is proud to announce it has partnered with Grunt Style to create a limited-edition shirt that promotes the S.O.S. Initiative. These shirts were created in remembrance and honor to the Parkland, Florida shooting from last year. A portion of the sales from these shirts will go to the S.O.S. Initiative to further aid keeping our children safe.

The new collaboration shirts go on sale February 14th on the Grunt Style website, The design is available as a 100% cotton, tag-less t-shirt, or a 50/50 cotton/poly fleece hoodie. It will be available for a limited time only and comes in women’s sizes S-XL, and men’s sizes M-3XL.

Grunt Style is a 100% American-Made and owned company, started by U.S. Military Veterans. The company says that you don’t have to be a Veteran to wear Grunt Style, but you do have to love freedom.  “When you join the military, you accept that you can be put in harm’s way,” said Daniel Alarik, Grunt Style CEO. “Our children should never have to be in harm’s way. Period. We are honored to work with S.O.S. to do our part in protecting our children. That is a vital part of freedom.”

The safety of our children and making our schools a safe haven for learning means we must do whatever it takes to keep dangerous elements out of the classroom. The S.O.S. Initiative works by matching corporate partners and individual donors with schools to sponsor the implementation of protective elements. The program is 100-percent cost free to the school and can quickly add a level of deterrent and protection to any school.

“When we partnered with Grunt Style, we wanted the shirt to be more than a billboard for our cause,” said George Klaybourne, CEO of Shield Our Schools. “The shirts go on sale February 14th, the one-year anniversary of the tragic Parkland, Florida shooting. Our goal is to get our message out to even just one person who will take up the cause and work to shield their school. It’s more than a shirt to us, it is a reminder that we need to work harder to keep all of our children safe.”

The Shield Our Schools (S.O.S.) program works by matching corporate partners and individual donors with schools in their areas to sponsor the implementation of SwiftShield™ along with Bolo Stick barricades, TeacherLock™ mechanisms, and Armoured One active shooter training and consulting.

Go to to learn more about the Shield Our Schools program and find out more on how you can help, or donate to a school in your area. As the initiative builds, the S.O.S. website will also serve as a public education center for creating safer centers of learning for our children.