Guntec USA to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary

Guntec USA to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary

Scottsdale, AZ (November 1, 2018) Guntec USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative tactical weapon accessories is proud to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The company wasn’t always in the firearms industry; rather the company was a prominent player in the automotive industry. Guntec actually began when Owner and Founder Charles Kent produced gun-cleaning kits as part of a promotional program for his automotive customers. He saw the huge response and interest and in 1989 Guntec was born. From there, his CNC machines went from producing automotive parts to firearm accessories, mainly accessories and mounts for the AK-47 platform.

It wasn’t such a big leap for Mr. Kent, having first-hand knowledge of tactical weapons during his service in Viet Nam and his intimate knowledge of engineering and manufacturing, he took this experience and started creating key accessories for tactical weapons that would benefit the shooters experience.

Since the Company’s successful debut, they’ve enjoyed introducing their customers to other innovative options for their factory rifles and pistols, with over 1200 sku’s. On the top of this list are hang-guards, conversions and accessories to increase usability and bring a more enjoyable shooting experience to factory, tactical firearms. Guntec pioneered the tactical industry by introducing the first quad rail to AK-47 platform and continue to lead the category by bringing new and never-before-seen products to the marketplace.

Philippe Kent, Vice President of Guntec USA tells us, “We are really proud of our 30thanniversary and how far we have come since our first product. Customers can expect the highest quality, precision and innovation at a really reasonable price from us for years to come.”

After specializing in “Direct-to-Consumer” sales offering the highest quality conversions and accessories, Guntec’s goal for the next 30 years is to establish itself as a leader in brick & mortar, offering more consumers the ability to purchase and see first hand the quality and innovation that has been at the forefront for Guntec for 30 years.

For any other inquiries or to test any of the Guntec product line, please contact Vice President/Director of Sales, Philippe Kent at or call 480-478-4517.