Hadley Development Acquires Sirphis® Intellectual Property

Acquisition opens leading outdoor lifestyle brands for licensing opportunities

Wichita, KS – Hadley Development, a global leader in apparel design, manufacturing, branding, and logistic services for outdoor equipment and apparel manufacturers, announces its recent acquisition of Sirphis® LLC’s (formerly Moon Shine Camo) intellectual property.

As one of the industry’s leading camouflage pattern design and licensing companies, Hadley Development’s acquisition of Sirphis‘ lifestyle brands—including Muddy Girl®, Lifestyle Camo®, Pulse™, and Grit House™—significantly expands the company’s outdoor lifestyle apparel category. This acquisition complements Hadley Development’s latest success in licensing with VEIL Camo™    by providing lifestyle camouflage opportunities for brand and retail partners. 

Shelly Moore, SVP of Licensing comments, “Hadley Development, licensors of Veil Camo, is constantly looking for impactful BRANDS to acquire as we believe all authentic growth depends on more customers wanting more of what your company offers. In our search to acquire complementing companies, we look for brands who understand the market, their core customers, and how to drive passion among consumers to become a bigger part of the brand.”

“Sirphis and the associated brands of Muddy Girl, Lifestyle Camo, Pulse, and Grit House, quite simply have been brand drivers across the outdoor industry, Nascar, Monster Energy Truck events, and more.  Muddy Girl operated with the same rigor and discipline we use in running our business. This attitude and business philosophy represents a competitive advantage and, above all, the durability of that advantage helps all of our brands owned and acquired, grow.” Moore continues, “ Muddy Girl has worked hard to organically grow their customer base. They have one of the largest social media followings in the outdoor space, reaching consumers who have become passionate and loyal to the Sirphis brands. We believe the constantly growing social and digital space in cooperation with fan engagement executed at such a high level have created dedicated fans of their brands; wanting more, wanting new, and wanting to be ambassadors. We intend to capitalize on that attitude by expanding social media even further, expanding distribution and marketing, and allowing these brands to find other partners who see the huge growth potential they have in the outdoor market and beyond.”

With its expertise in providing customers and licensing partners with concept-to-retail strategies and management solutions, Hadley Development is excited to add the Sirphis brands for licensing opportunities to its customers and to continue the growth of all it’s premium outdoor technical and lifestyle apparel categories.

For more information on Hadley Development’s custom services, visit hadleydevelopment.com. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing, 225.223.8110, or smoore@veilcamo.com.

About Hadley Development:

Hadley Development is comprised of a diverse global team of designers, account managers, and branding, sourcing, and logistics professionals who merge their expertise to turn their customers’ visions into reality. From conception to delivery, Hadley Development’s staff guides customers’ products from the drawing board to the retail shelves. We Design. We Manage. We Fulfill.