Happy Holidays and Good Hunting From Ballistic!

Happy Holidays and Good Hunting From Ballistic!

Gainesville, GA (December 10, 2018)- Hunting is all about making memories and the thrill of the hunt, and there’s no better time to create thrilling memories than the Holidays, when friends and family come together. Many families, in fact, have regular holiday hunting traditions woven into their get-togethers and celebrations.

If your family has such a tradition, isn’t it time you showed everyone who the best shot truly is by lettingBallistic help you make perfect shots? Over and over–and over again?

Ballistic will provides the long-range solutions to put you and your guests on target time and again, in changing weather conditions and in various geographic locations.

Ballistic is the comprehensive source for all things long range shooting in no small part because the Ballistic library contains specifications on over 5,000 projectiles and factory loads. Ballistic will also provide you and your guests with advanced features like a Mil-Dot and MOA rangefinder with head-up display capabilities, GPS and atmosphere awareness, full-sized shooting charts, and a reloading companion.

The world-renowned JBM Ballistics computer powers all Ballistic computations, which is why it is used by competitive shooters, long-range hunters, and the military to deliver the most precise calculations possible.

With Ballistic, you can input changing holiday wind speeds and directions in a manner of ways. You can use angle inputs for the wind direction or the O’clock format. Headwinds can be added in, too, and Ballistic will automatically adjust velocity to account for your headwind calculation.

Ballistic’s Advanced Wind Kit allows your guests to quickly program in even the most complex wind scenarios, for up to eight wind sources. Simply tap to create a new wind zone and then slide it to the appropriate range.

No one remembers the best television show they watched from Holidays past. But you will never forget those amazing long-distance shots made during your friendly competitions, with help from Ballistic. The question for you to decide is whether you share Ballistic with your family and friends.

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Ballistic is the definitive ballistics trajectory calculator, intended for long-range and precision shooters who want a serious–and a seriously accurate–application. Ballistic will calculate your bullet’s trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, lead, and flight time for any valid range. The app can also compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude–it can even accept density of air or density altitude inputs! The world-renowned JBM Ballistics engine powers all Ballistic computations. Ballistic is used by competition shooters, long-range hunters, and the military to deliver the most precise calculations possible.

With Ballistic, you’ll be able to make the most accurate calculations for every shot, everywhere, even in areas with no cellular coverage.

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