The New 20-60×68 Endurance ED Fills Out the Most Value-Packed Line of Premium Spotting Scopes

Hawke® Optics, the trusted leader in quality sporting optics that perform outstanding in the field and provide optimum value to the consumer, expands on the Endurance ED spotting scope line for 2021. The new full-size 20-60×68 model rounds out an impressive line of premium spotting scopes that deliver stunning clarity.

Why is ED glass important in a premium spotting scope? Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass controls chromatic aberration, or color fringing, and also reduces the distortion that typically comes when looking through any type of glass, especially over longer periods of time. Most of the time spent using a spotting scope is done so to examine an object, be it an animal, landscape or more, from a distance. This process can put a tremendous strain on your eye, resulting in a possible headache. It can greatly reduce the enjoyment of using a spotting scope. This is where the Hawke Endurance ED Spotting Scope comes in. You get amazing clarity and premium features in a scope that could cost much more but doesn’t.

New for 2021, Hawke has added the Endurance ED 20-60×68 Spotting Scope to an impressive lineup. Like all Endurance ED scopes, this new model is fully nitrogen purged, and is water and fog proof. These scopes have a BAK-4 Porro prism for intense color transfer and ultra-sharp contrast. Dielectric coating in the prism and lenses increase light reflectivity and further sharpen the images. A course/fine dual-focus knob allows you to fine-tune your viewing, so you can quickly survey an area, and adjust for finer detail. Whether you are field judging a bull elk as it moves across an opposing ridge, a trophy buck as it works the edge of a distant food plot, or a colorful bird as it interacts with its habitat, this scope is perfect for crisp views of the natural world.

The new 20-60×68 Endurance ED scope, with an MSRP of $699, has a field of view ranging from 108-60 feet at 1,000 yards. It fits right into the sweet spot between the 25-75×85 model and the compact 15-45×60 model in the Hawke lineup. All Endurance ED spotting scopes have a stay-on soft scope cover, and flip-up lens covers for quick deployment in the field while still providing protection. The angled eye-piece has a twist-up rubber eye piece and there is a pull-out sun shade. Each scope comes with a zoom eye-piece for quick adjustments, a lens cloth and, of course, the Hawke No-Fault Lifetime Warranty. Give yourself the eyes of a Hawke. Nature awaits!

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