Designed to Give Shooters Flexibility at Every Range, Hawke’s New First Focal Plane Scopes Bring Value to Long-Range Shooting Optics

Hawke® Optics has proven to be a worldwide leader in quality sporting optics that perform outstanding in the field while maintaining optimum value for the consumer. The company has steadily built a reputation for long-range shooting riflescopes that bring every feature a shooter could need, at a cost that outmatches the competition. The all-new Frontier 30 SF FFP and Sidewinder 30 SF FFP scopes bring first focal plane reticles that keep you on target at any range.

A first focal plane optical system is the choice of many long-range shooters who want flexibility in their optics. FFP scopes have the reticle positioned toward the turret of the riflescope and after the scope’s magnification system. What this does is change the visible size of the reticle when the shooter adjusts the riflescope’s magnification. The target image behind the reticle will stay in proportion to the reticle as the magnification is adjusted. With the reticle size and target size remaining constant through the magnification range, estimating bullet drop and range becomes easier and there is a direct correlation on accuracy.

When Hawke completely revamped the entire line of premium Frontier riflescopes for 2019, they brought every new feature to the three FFP scopes in the Frontier 30 SF FFP line. These scopes use index-matched lenses that offer exceptional clarity throughout the entire field of view with crisp, clear image transmission from edge to edge. All of the glass surfaces have 21 layers of advanced coatings for extreme light transmission. The Frontier 30 SF FFP scopes are built on a 30mm mono-tube chassis that is machined from high-grade aluminum. They have Hawke’s exposed Zero, Lock ‘n Stop turret that is resettable, lockable and feature a state-of-the-art return to zero feature. Being exposed, they give you easy access and, while this is a hunting scope, the design offers you a tactical style for dial-in accuracy. The side focus brings things in from 10- to 15-yards, depending on the model, out to infinity. As you would expect, the scopes are fully water, shock and fog proof and are nitrogen purged, making them durable and maintenance free.

There are three new-for-2019 models. The Frontier 30 SF FFP 3-15×50 has the FFP Mil-Pro (15x) reticle that was designed specifically for this 15X FFP scope. The Frontier 30 SF FFP 4-20×50 scope has Hawke’s FFP Mil-Pro (20x) reticle and the Frontier 30 SF FFP 5-25×56 scope has their FFP Mil-Pro (25x) reticle. These two reticles have additional ¼ Mil aim points on the center post for greater precision at long range. Each Frontier 30 SF FFP riflescope comes with an easy-to-use zoom lever that is removable to allow you to set the scope up how you want it. These scopes also come with a four-inch sunshade, Hawke’s exclusive Professional Flip-Up lens covers, a CR2032 battery and a lens cloth. They are backed by Hawke’s Worldwide Warranty, covering the scope for life. Warranty is non transferable, only applicable to the original owner.

For shooters looking for a budget-friendly version of a FFP scope, Hawke offers two models from their Sidewinder line. The Sidewinder FFP 4-16×50 and Sidewinder FFP 6-24×56 use Hawke’s FFP Mil reticle that has half-mil spacing marked out to 5 Mil in every direction, with hollow posts marked with Mil spacing for bracketing and range finding. The Sidewinder scopes have 30mm main tubes, fully multi-coated lenses and Hawke’s high standards of quality and value.

About Hawke
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