The New Frontier HD X Binoculars are Tested Tough, Crystal Clear and Value Priced

Hawke® Optics, one of the worldwide leaders in high-quality, exceptional-performing, and high-value sporting optics, brings an all-new, premium-preforming binocular to the market with the Frontier HD X. The HD X is a compact, budget-friendly binocular that will shock you from the moment you hoist it to your eyes.

There are a lot of reasons to use binoculars, whether for hunting, bird watching, sight-seeing, or just to bring things closer. When you spend a lot of time looking through them, you truly start to see the subtle differences between premium binoculars and those of lesser quality. Images may not seem as clear. Colors may not pop as much as you’d like. And the worst is the feeling of your eyes tiring from trying to compensate. The new Frontier HD X Binoculars from Hawke are the perfect compact premium binocular. You get stunning High Definition and amazing color control, all in a smaller design that is lightweight and easy to carry. The best part is the price, with the HD X Binoculars costing a fraction of what other premium optics do.

Hawke uses high-quality glass with Dielectric Coatings that increase the reflectivity of the light coming into the lens for amazing optical clarity. Hawke then fully multi-coat the optics to further sharpen the clarity and color enhancement of the image you see when looking through the binoculars at any distance. High-resolution BAK-4 roof prisms bring phase correction to the binocular. The result gives the HD X exceptional clarity, reduced eyestrain and a clear image of what lies before you.

To bring the Frontier HD X Binoculars into focus, Hawke uses a 1.5-turn Focus Knob with a 6.6-foot close focus. This, when paired with the 405 feet field of view at 1,000 yards in the 8×32, or 336 feet at 1,000 yards in the 10×42, means you will have exceptional clarity and precise focus adjustment at any range.

Like everything in Hawke’s premier Frontier line, the HD X Binoculars are tough. With a lightweight magnesium alloy frame that is rubber coated for grip in wet conditions, these binoculars will handle even the most trying conditions. A water-repellant coating on the objective lens and full nitrogen purging that keeps water and fog out of the internals will keep you in the clear. Twist-up eye cups and stay-on lens covers are convenient and add durability. The Frontier HD X Binoculars come in green and grey colors.

The Frontier HD X Binoculars are available in 8×32, 10×32, 8×42 and 10×42 models. Each includes a carry case, neck strap, harness adaptors, lens cloth and lens covers. The 8×32 has an MSRP of $289.00, the 10×32 has an MSRP of $299.00, the 8×42 is $339.00 and the 10×42 has an MSRP of $349.00. All carry the Hawke Optics’ Lifetime Warranty.

About Hawke

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