The Fastest Straight Wall Cartridge Ever Made Now has the Perfect Optical Partner. Straight Out of the Box Accuracy with a Reticle Designed for the Winchester .350 Legend.

Hawke® Optics, one of the worldwide leaders in high-quality, exceptional-performing, and high-value sporting optics, brings a new model to the popular Endurance 30 WA line. The 350 Legend reticle has been calibrated to allow for precision shots out to 300 yards, all while maintaining an exceptional field of view and 4-inchs of eye relief. The 350 Legend delivers impressive ballistic returns with soft recoil, lots of energy, and wide array of ammo offerings. Prepare for the 350 Legend to become a common name in the deer woods.

The 350 Legend reticle was developed around the popular Winchester .350 Legend round, which is a highly-effective straight wall cartridge, legal for hunting in most states. Adjustable for your specific ammo, this design provides a 100-yard-zero multiple aimpoints out to 300-yards, with 50-yard increments. Easy to zero and outstanding downrange accuracy with illuminated center point for all lighting conditions. The scope can also be used with 100m zero for metric aimpoints. The BDC .350 Legend reticle takes out the work when engaging from different distances. With crystal clear, and precise hold over points the 350 Legend scope allows the shooter the time needed to focus on proper and ethical shot placement. 

When you’re planning a hunt, whether it’s on the family farm, or a backcountry trip you’ve been working toward for years, you want the best equipment you can afford. Even the most accurate rifle in the world is nothing without the optic sitting on top of it, and many hard-core hunters often spend far more on the riflescope than they do on the rifle. But you don’t have to. The Hawke Optics Endurance WA with 350 Legend reticle is the scope you’ve been waiting for. Built on a 30mm main tube design, the Endurance has a full 24-degree field of view without a hint of edge distortion, giving you unparalleled vison. The scope has a full four inches of eye relief, perfect for making those quick shots when the situation calls for it. 

All Endurance WA riflescopes have 18-layer multicoated optics for extreme clarity, glass-etched reticles, mono-tube chassis, are nitrogen purged, and are water, shock, and fog proof. The best part of the Hawke Optics Endurance WA scopes is the price. The 350 Legend reticle is available in two sizes, 2.5-10×50 ($499.00 MSRP) and 3-12×56 ($519.00 MSRP). 

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