New for 2018, the New Frontier and Sidewinder FFP Scopes from Hawke Optics
are the Best Value in Long-Range Precision Shooting

Hawke® Optics proves once again why they are a worldwide leader in high-quality precision sporting optics. New for 2018, Hawke adds First-Focal Plane technology to the Frontier and Sidewinder scope lineups with new long-range optics that perform outstanding in the field and exceed every expectation.

Long-range shooting presents a unique set of challenges to the person behind the firearm. As the distance opens up between the shooter and the target, the placement of the bullet gets more difficult. First Focal Plane scope technology is gaining popularity with shooters looking for the utmost in accuracy. A First Focal Plane (FFP) scope provides constant Mil/MOA values throughout the entire power range of the scope, giving the shooter more flexibility in different situations. This is achieved by mounting the reticle to the forward of the erector tube and forward of the magnification lens. What this does is make the reticle appear to increase in size as the magnification power increases.

Hawke Optics added two models to its flagship Frontier line with new FFP technology – the Frontier FFP 5-25×56 MIL EXT and the Frontier FFP 3-15×50 MIL EXT. Both have 21-layer fully multi-coated 5X ratio optics for extreme clarity at any range with infinite-range parallax adjustment side focus. Each scope has an ultra-strong 30mm mono tube and glass-etched reticles with red illumination that has six levels of brightness with off positions in between. They have 1/10 MRAD exposed and locking turrets for precision adjustment. The scopes are equipped with a fast-focus eyebell and a zoom ring with a thumb lever for easy adjustment. Long eye relief allows for high recoil from magnum calibers. The FFP MIL EXT Reticle was designed specifically for the FFP scopes. It has half mil spacing out to ten mil of holdover to provide aiming points out to extreme distances.

The Hawke Optics Sidewinder line was developed to offer the long-distance shooter a high-quality optic at a budget-friendly price. Hawke makes a serious impact in the market by including FFP technology to the Sidewinder lineup with the Sidewinder FFP 6-24×56 MIL and the Sidewinder FFP 4-16×50 MIL scopes. Both scopes are equipped with the new FFP MIL glass-etched reticle with red/green illumination. This reticle is based off common MIL reticles and has half-MIL spacing beyond 5MILs in all directions. The posts are hollow to aid in range finding and extra cross etchings work as aim points as you windage your target. The scopes feature a 30mm mono tube for durability and light transmission. The glass is 18-layer fully multicoated and the side focus has infinite parallax adjustment. The scope has 1/10 MRAD exposed and locking turrets for on-the-fly adjustments before the shot. The red-green illumination for the reticle is controlled by a rheostat on the saddle. There is also a locking ocular and high-torque zoom ring. If your budget says you need lesser glass, these scopes say otherwise.

Learn more about Hawke Optics First Focal Plane technology and how it can make you a better long-distance shot at www.hawkeoptics.com/ffp.

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