Vancouver, WA (July 18, 2019) -Jon Beagle has a long-standing passion for building precision rifles. This inspired him to start Helix 6 Precision-a company driven to produce the world’s best carbon fiber barrels. Beagle builds his precision rifles using only premium components, and those standards are evident in all Helix 6 Precision barrels.

Carbon fiber is formed using thin strands of carbon bonded together with a plastic polymer resin. The resulting material is strong, lightweight, and extremely durable. However, creating a precision rifle barrel involved much more than just wrapping carbon fiber around a steel core and trying to sell it! Helix 6 Precision uses a proprietary process to reach the full potential of the carbon fiber material. All barrels are built to extremely tight tolerances and must pass a rigorous inspection before they are sold. 

Helix 6 Precision’s success is delivered by their quest to create the best carbon fiber barrel on the planet. They continue to push the limits of innovation to improve the process and products.  Their unique carbon fiber layup design dampens barrel harmonics for better accuracy. Barrels use premium materials and methods-each one is cut from a 416R stainless steel core, and carbon fiber wrapped using the Helix 6 Precision’s advanced process-creating match-grade accuracy barrels that are 30% lighter than a steel barrel of the same contour with high heat dispersion. The bores are button rifled and hand lapped for precision accuracy.  The result is a custom barrel that is lighter, stronger, and faster cooling than anything else available on the market.

Helix 6 Precision barrels are available as pre-fit barrels for both Savage and the Ruger Precision Rifle in many popular long-range cartridges. Barrel blanks are sold in five calibers from .224 to .338, and they offer the option to thread and chamber a barrel for any precision rifle. Helix 6 Precision also builds one-off barrels to fit individual needs.

All Helix 6 Precision barrels are proudly 100% made in the USA.

For more information, please visit www.helix6precision.com

Helix 6 Precision began with the singular goal of producing the world’s finest carbon fiber barrel. For 20 years it has been their passion to build the finest precision rifles available using only premium components. Bad experiences and dissatisfaction with the industry’s carbon fiber barrels led them to seek out the world’s most innovative engineers in carbon fiber design and fabrications.

We continue to push the limits of innovation to improve our process and products. We use only premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology, to produce the highest quality, handcrafted, carbon fiber barrel on the market. 100% Made in USA.

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