Highby Outdoors to Continue the Sidney Legacy

(Sidney, NE February 25, 2019)The people of Sidney, Nebraska, a small town in the middle of nowhere, have long been known as outdoors men and women who work tirelessly to provide customers with their deep knowledge of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Talented folks who have truly enjoyed bringing their passions to the world, with great customer service, product knowledge and a “customer is always right” attitude. For some, that is hard to comprehend, as cheap products, limited product knowledge, little human interaction, and even less passion are far too common.

Matt Highby, owner of Highby Outdoors, LLC, will never forget the vision, knowledge and enthusiasm of those in Sidney who preceded him. Many of them “larger than life” people with an understanding of exactly what outdoorsmen and women want, and exactly how to cater to them. Like them, Matt knows the importance of hiring people who love the outdoors and have an entrepreneurial spirit based on their passion. And because so many of those individuals still reside in Sidney, Matt created Highby Outdoors.

Matt and his Sidney-based team have worked tirelessly to create a sporting goods store that that is desired today by so many customers. “My life is the outdoors and Sidney has always been my home,” said Matt. “This drives me and my team every day. We are committed and focused on the customer experience.” That experience includes customers being able to deal with knowledgeable employees who are consummate end users of the innovative and quality products that Highby Outdoors sells, and the company’s ironclad, money back “no questions asked” policy.

Highby Outdoors will start off by mainly carrying hunting and hard goods products and a selection of season specific fishing and marine products, and are continuing to add 100’s of products daily in all outdoor categories. But Highby Outdoors will be big on what customers want and deserve – a knowledgeable and passionate staff, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. Highby Outdoors is intent on first launching the company ecommerce website with a fully-staffed customer service department, followed quickly by the company’s first brick and mortar retail center.

Highby Outdoors.  The Legacy Continues

About Highby Outdoors 
It’s all about tradition. Tradition of our community, of the products we carry and the customers we serve. Our team of long time experts shares a passion for the outdoors that shows in everything we do. Our priority is to provide unmatched product knowledge and strong product assortments. Based in Sidney, Nebraska, we embody our region’s sense of community, and want to inspire that across the nation no matter where you call home. We advocate for the traditions of the outdoors, the 2nd Amendment, and responsible gun ownership. Highby Outdoors is excited to become a support system for local clubs and conservation organizations. Our employees are working to build a legacy from their passions to educate and advance the great outdoors.