Huge Discounts On Styrka Optics For Employees of Styrka Dealers: The Styrka VIP Purchase Program

Huge Discounts On Styrka Optics For Employees of Styrka Dealers: The Styrka VIP Purchase Program

Eagan, MN At any retail establishment which is a certified Styrka Dealer, all employees automatically qualify for the Styrka VIP Purchase Program, allowing the purchase of top-quality Styrka optics at a fraction of their suggested retail prices. Inclusion in the VIP Program starts the very day the retailer becomes a Styrka Dealer-no waiting period!

The Styrka VIP Purchase Program applies to all employees, full- or part-time, as long as the retailer is a certified Styrka Dealer. These employees can purchase Styrka optics at a 65-percent discount off the listed MSRP. All Styrka asks is that you observe a limit of one optic/unit per product category.

Buy a Styrka rifle scope, binocular, red dot or spotting scope, and save more than half on the suggested retail! It’s Styrka’s way of saying “Thank You!” to our certified dealers and their hard-working employees.

The VIP Purchase discount also makes it that much easier for employees to have and use Styrka optics, so they can discover firsthand the superior clarity, precision and ruggedness of Styrka optics. It’s what we call “Styrka Strong.”

Request a copy of the “2018 VIP Purchase Program” from your Styrka account representative or from the Styrka business office. NOTE: Purchase Program orders must be shipped to the employee’s business address.

Styrka optics are designed and made with the hunter in mind–and that means they are ready for the field. All optics are covered by the “Styrka Pride” warranty. If you ever have a problem, your Styrka optic will be fixed or replaced. Forever. Plus, once a year, you can send back your optics and the company will clean and tune it as needed, all on Styrka’s tab.

Launched in 2015, Styrka offers a dynamic line up of hunting scopes, binoculars, red dots and spotting scopes. The Styrka philosophy is simple but non-negotiable: make high quality optics at affordable prices; always tell your customers the truth about what optics can and can’t do; and, stand behind your products 100-percent, forever. Styrka Pride. Styrka Strong.

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