Hunt Outside the Box

Ameristep’s new Distorter™ Blind changes the very shape of concealment while maximizing interior utility

Plano, IL (September 2018) – Today’s ground blind has a five-hub design that makes it efficient to build, transport, set-up and hunt from. Such efficiencies have their consequences – mainly a boxy

profile that often causes alarm when viewed by the inherently suspicious eyes of deer, turkeys and other game animals.

Ameristep’s all-new Distorter™ ground blind utilizes never-before-seen, kick-out technology to offer hunters a high performance hub blind with next-level benefits both inside and out. On the outside, it creates a unique silhouette that conceals better than typical square blinds by blending into the environment more effectively. Inside, Distorter™ opens up a whole new world of useful space for up to three hunters and their gear.

Inside the silent-hinge door, Distorter’s three unique floor kick-outs provide additional storage space for bulky equipment like packs and camera tripods. All three floor kick-outs have an attached floor and sewn-in shelves to keep critical gear dry and at the ready. Storing such items inside the kick-outs puts an end to tripping over gear while providing improved access to Distorter’s versatile, hunter-friendly windows. Up top, dual roof kick-outs add height where it’s needed most, creating a welcomed increase in headroom for standing and enhanced visibility. Even the blind’s wrap-style carrying sling delivers value-added utility, serving double duty as a handy, hanging storage system.

Creative geometry and efficient use of space aside, the all-new Distorter™ offers heaps of additional hunt-elevating performance features, courtesy of industry-leading Ameristep design and engineering.

Exterior features include a heavy-duty 300D fabric shell finished in stealthy new Realtree Edge™ or workmanlike Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® camo. The illusion continues with Distorter’s organically shaped windows. These bow- and crossbow-friendly windows increase concealment through a lack of hard edges and feature silent mesh window covers and window flaps for fast, quiet and simple adjustment. 3D Edge ReLeaf™ trim completes the vanishing act by breaking up hard lines with a leafy texture. Inside, a generous 104-inch-by-84-inch footprint and 75-inch shooting width allows ample space for up to three people to disappear against Distorter’s stealthy Shadowguard™ interior.

Ameristep Distorter™ Blind Features

  • Kick-Out hub design produces a unique silhouette that blends better with the natural environment
  • Three floor kick-outs offer additional storage space for hunters and gear
  • Two roof kick-outs create more headroom for standing and improved visibility
  • Hinged silent door for easy and silent entry/exit
  • Organic, natural-shaped window openings blend into environment
  • Easily adjustable silent window cover and mesh attachment
  • Blind wrap carrying case doubles as hanging storage system inside blind
  • Heavy-duty 300D fabric shell
  • Patented 3D Edge ReLeaf™ trim breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look
  • Large main window improves maneuverability and accommodates bows
  • Shadowguard™ interior eliminates shadows and silhouettes while also helping to contain odors

Ameristep Distorter™ Blind Specifications

  • Realtree Edge™ Model # AMEBF3003
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® Model # AMEBF3004
  • Footprint: 104″ x 84″
  • Shooting Width: 75″
  • Height: 70″
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • MSRP: $299.99

This hunting season, step outside the box… and into the all-new Ameristep Distorter™: one of two exciting new hub blinds from Ameristep employing kick-out technology to literally change the shape of effective concealment.


Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. Ameristep® delivers this with ground blinds and accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above, down below and every angle in between. Hidden among nature, hunters get closer to the action and enjoy more thrilling experiences. Ameristep is proud to be the industry innovator that offers versatility and mobility in all its designs – because successful hunters need the flexibility to choose the location that’s right, not the location that’s convenient. Once you’re there, Ameristep’s simplified assembly allows hunters to set up quickly and capitalize on the moment. With dozens of patented features and exclusive relationships with leading industry supply partners, Ameristep extends confidence and helps make great hunts happen. Learn more at

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