Brew Up The Great-Tasting Blend Hunters Have Been Raving About in Your
Single Serving Cup Brewer

Mechanicsburg, Ohio – For the hunter (and coffee fiend) who prefers to brew it up one cup at a time, Hunter’s Blend is now offering its high quality, direct-trade coffee blend made by hunters for hunters in a convenient single serving pod. Simply pop the pod into your single serving cup brewer and you’re a few minutes away from experiencing the best-tasting, smoothest cup of Joe that’ll get you up and out into the woods.

“Last year we launched Hunter’s Blend, a premium coffee blend that supports both the hunting and coffee growing communities — allowing us to blend our two passions: hunting and great-tasting coffee.” said Paul Kurtz, Owner of Hemisphere Coffee Roasters. “As we continue with our mission to ‘Defend hunting one cup at a time’, we’re excited to expand the line in 2019 with our new ‘one cup at a time’ brewing option where hunters can quickly prepare a cup of their favorite blend using their single serving machines,” he added.

Good coffee is a staple in any hunter’s diet. When your alarm goes off before first light, Hunter’s Blend will give you the fuel needed for a full day in the field. “Many coffee green importers don’t support hunting and our way of life. At Hunter’s Blend, we support conservation efforts and the hunting lifestyle, and it all starts with the best-tasting brew,” Kurtz added.

Hunter’s Blend is great tasting for good reason. The company sources beans directly from the finest coffee farmers in the world, roasting every lot in small batches for overall freshness that sets them apart. Quality however, isn’t the only factor setting this brand above the rest. The company creates ‘Coffee with Purpose’ through its direct-trade business model. This mean they work directly with farmers in top producing locations around globe like Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia, where the hard-working individuals handpick every bean.

The new Hunter’s Blend single serving pods come in a box of 12 for a retail price of $10.50. Hunter’s Blend is also available in a 12oz. Whole Bean bag, and a 12oz. Ground bag ready for drip brewers ($12.95 MSRP each).

About Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is passionate about creating good coffee and doing some good in the process of creating it. This is why the company operates a direct-trade business model, which means it only works directly with growers from the best producing locations in the world like Kenya, Indonesia, Peru and Nicaragua, where every bean is hand picked by the hard-working people of its community. In fact, twenty-five million families derive their major living from the production of coffee and Hemisphere’s Coffee Roasters is dedicated to helping as many as possible. This dedication has thrived for more than 15 years, and because of the company’s impactful business model, they have witnessed hundreds of jobs created and people lifted out of poverty.

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