IGFA and Plano Enhance Long-time Partnership

Grand Prairie, TX (March 18, 2020) Plano has been a big supporter of the International Game Fish Association almost since the organization’s creation. Since its inception in 1939, the IGFA had been at the forefront of the study of game fishes, promoting and maintaining the highest standards and ethics of sport and recreational angling, data accumulation and record keeping. IGFA’s goal has always been to serve science and the sport of fishing.

Plano has embraced those same goals since the company began in 1952, but the partnership has been strengthened by Plano’s increased support of the IGFA’s Passports To Fishing program. 

“Plano has always been a great supporter of the IGFA,” said Jack Vitek, marketing director for the IGFA, “but Plano has really stepped up the last couple of years by getting behind our Passports To Fishing youth education program.”

The Passports to Fishing program is IGFA’s signature hands-on and interactive method for teaching kids to fish. The “fishing clinics in a box” starter kits provided by Plano include curriculum and education station materials to teach basic tackle, knot tying, conservation, environmental stewardship, casting and angling safety. Also included in the kits are 20 rods and reels for young anglers to test their newly acquired skills by going fishing.

The IGFA has created their Passports to Fishing program as one way to accomplish their 80th anniversary initiative of teaching 100,000 kids to fish. These “fishing clinics in a box” are equipped with everything needed to conduct a youth fishing clinic, including Passports to Fishing educational curriculum, station materials, rods, reels, tackle and more. 

“Plano really went out on a limb with both their financial and product support,” said Vitek. “The overwhelming success of the Passports to Fishing program in just two short years wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Plano.”

For more information contact IGFA at  https://igfa.org/passports-to-fishing and Plano at www.planomolding.com

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