Imitate the Wild With Tree Thrasher

Imitate the Wild With Tree Thrasher

Ultra-realistic Tree Thrasher lets hunters call in pressured deer.

Mount Pleasant, IA – Introducing the Tree Thrasher deer call – a call designed to duplicate three specific sounds a buck makes: making rubs, scrapes, and thrashing trees or saplings.

Tree Thrasher inventor Todd Pringnitz is not your average deer hunter. During his 30 years of hunting, Todd realized there had to be a way to call pressured whitetails. If you spook the animals you’re chasing by calling too aggressively with the wrong calls, you simply educate the bucks.

Pulling from his 15+ year career as a product engineer for some of the outdoor industry’s most well-known brands, Todd went to work on developing a call that sounds like a deer and not like a hunter. It’s no secret that deer hunters around the country have experienced success with a wide range of calls, but how often has a buck ignored your rattling, grunts and desperate doe bleats? Todd’s goal was to call like a deer actually sounds and to become “one of the herd.” While he has had incredible success with his calling techniques over the years, he knew he was missing a tool for calling pressured whitetail and saw the need for a different kind of call. Something that didn’t spook big bucks – or any other deer for that matter.

Todd’s quest was to invent a call that could duplicate three specific sounds a buck makes when he’s making rubs, scrapes, and thrashing trees or saplings, and thus the Tree Thrasher concept was born. The Tree Thrasher produces unbelievably realistic sounds including: the leaf-thrash noise, branch breaking, rubbing on trees, and antlers and tines hitting samplings and trees. It allows the hunter to use a wide variety of calling techniques for any situation or combine with other calls for any situation.

The Tree Thrasher works best when calling “blind,” or when no deer are around. It pulls deer from all directions, but gives the hunter a huge advantage because they aren’t on edge or acting spooky. They already know it’s a safe area because a buck is there thrashing trees.

Lightweight and compact, the Tree Thrasher weighs just five ounces and easily fits in your pocket or pack. This call creates the ultimate level of curiosity for deer of all age classes and sexes. Simple to use and easy to master, the Tree Thrasher is the ultimate deer call.

  • Heavy-duty construction – nylon plastic covers are tough and quiet
  • Rubber-coated steel spring holds assembly together quietly when not in use
  • Noisy cloth accordion design delivers incredibly realistic sounds of rustling or leaf thrashing, deer walking and deer scraping with minimal human movement
  • Wooden insert provides the real sound of a branch breaking at a variety of noise levels
  • Tree-rubbing pegs allow hunter to add the sounds of antlers rubbing trees and saplings
  • Spring-loaded gear clip easily attaches to a bow hanger, tree branch, backpack or pocket
  • Use in conjunction with any call to create the most realistic calling situations that fool even the most educated whitetails
  • Designed, engineered and quality-assured in the U.S.A.; manufactured in China
  • Multiple patents pending
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

MSRP: $39.99

Samples available upon request.

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About Tree Thrasher:

Tree Thrasher inventor Todd Pringnitz is not your average deer hunter. Todd’s been bowhunting whitetails for nearly 30 years, and his passion for these animals is borderline psychotic. His quest to kill mature whitetails has led to the design and development of many products, including the revolutionary Tree Thrasher. The Tree Thrasher deer call is the ultimate way to call pressured whitetails by imitating three distinct calls that make deer feel curious and safe: making rubs, scrapes, and thrashing trees or saplings. For more information, write to 2782 Kentucky Ave., Mount Pleasant, IA 52641, call 319-217-0885 or visit