CVT formally announces new accessories including bed sheets, custom sleeping bags and pet product line

Las Vegas, NV – CVT, one of America’s most recognized rooftop tent manufacturers, is gearing up for the holiday season with the release of new tents including the Hybrid, Mt. Hood, Alpha and Black Series Max. Updated versions of the Baker and St. Helens series are also now available for outdoor adventurers to enjoy.

Hybrid CVT Tent

Always adding and expanding offerings, CVT recently released an all-new Hybrid series, an exciting cross between a soft and hard shell tent that incorporates the best of both worlds. With the fold-out design and amenities of a soft shell plus the utilitarian function of a hard shell with crossbars, the Hybrid features a woven aluminum honeycomb floor and a cozy memory-foam mattress.

Mt. Hood CVT Tent

Embodying function and design, the Mt. Hood boasts one of the thinnest profiles available with the widest variety of options. While taking only one minute to set up, the low-profile clamshell enables campers to bring along additional equipment up to 150 pounds and has an optional platform rack to customize load-carrying capabilities.

CVT Alpha

CVT partnered with The Bush Company to bring the all-new Alpha and Black Series Max to the U.S. market. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Alpha Clamshell Rooftop Tent brings together The Bush Company’s expertise in aluminum manufacturing with first-hand experience in overlanding and safari adventuring to deliver an innovative and proven product that is unrivaled in its quality, simplicity and practicality. The Black Series Max edition features a double action opening roof, offering the option to open the tent as a clamshell or open the second roof, providing ample room at the rear and front of the tent. With a setup and pack down time of less than two minutes, this tent is the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Also new this year are updated releases of CVT’s popular Mt. Baker and St. Helens series. Mt. Baker boasts the simplest deployment and lightest weight amongst CVT hard shell tents, providing the highest value for cost. With a sleeping space comparable to a full-sized bed, Mt. Baker tents make a perfect nest for any couple. St. Helens is an aerodynamic and stylish option for those who prefer ease without forfeiting security. The design provides a comfortable space to sit up and play card games on a rainy day, and features an interior equipped with a ceiling net plus and a portable pocket system that can be placed in different locations, providing numerous storage spots.

In addition to new tents, holiday shoppers can also enjoy CVT’s new 2020 collection of bed sheets and custom fit sleeping bags, sized to fit the footprint of CVT’s rooftop tents. For furry friends, CVT has a new line of reflective leashesharnessescooling vests and more.

CVT recently opened its third retail showroom and adventure center in the U.S., located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring 25,000 square feet of warehouse and showroom space, CVT’s newest location was established to accommodate customers across the Southwestern region with sales, installation, maintenance, warranty replacements, product demos and all customer service needs. With additional showroom and adventure centers in Bend, OR and Chattanooga, TN, CVT has future plans to open a fourth location in the Northeast in 2022 to service all four corners of the country.

About CVT:
Established in 2010, Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is a family-owned manufacturer of rooftop tents, trailers, awnings and camping accessories designed for cars, SUVs, and trucks of any size. Proud of its commitment to quality and service, CVT is the only rooftop tent company in the U.S. that exclusively sells direct-to-consumer and provides personal installation and servicing to its customers, affectionately known as #CVTfamily. Known for consistently setting the industry standard for design and innovation, CVT offers the largest catalog of rooftop tent models, designed for simple installation and setup to fit any lifestyle, family size, and adventure. With rooftop, canopy or trailer top access, CVT tents allow you to experience the great outdoors no matter where you are, any time of year.

The only rooftop tent provider to operate retail showrooms open to the public, CVT has locations in Oregon, Tennessee, and Nevada, with future plans to expand to the Northeast in order to service all four corners of the U.S. For more information, visit and follow CVT on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Youtube.