Interesting ALPS Mountaineering Facts You May Not Know…

NEW HAVEN, Mo. – Whether your journalistic focus covers extreme backcountry hiking, family camping adventures, or general outdoor recreation lifestyle topics, you probably already know about the extensive line of outdoor gear offered by ALPS Mountaineering.

Here at ALPS Brands, outdoor recreation is both our personal and professional passions, which is why our performance-driven products are designed and engineered by those who “live the life” and understand first-
hand the needs and expectations of outdoor consumers—your readers. But did you know that the “ALPS” in ALPS Mountaineering is an acronym for the company name and not a reference to the mountain range in Europe? We didn’t need to search the world for a catchy name when we have our own stunning natural wonders right here in North America.

What many people don’t know is that ALPS stands for Active Lifestyle Products and Services.

When ALPS Brands President Dennis Brune started the company, his goal was to develop the highest-quality, field- tested outdoor gear and deliver them to consumers without the pretentiously high costs all too common in the “elite” outdoor gear markets. In other words, ALPS Brands offers premium outdoor products whose performance exceeds the expectations of their price points. By maintaining that mission focus, ALPS Brands has become a market leader

in the outdoor recreation segment, with products ranging from tents and sleeping bags to extreme-duty backpacks and specialized gear for any occassion—the kind of gear you want on your personal adventures and the kind you can confidently recommend to your readers.

ALPS Mountaineering is the camping and outdoor adventure gear division for ALPS Brands and is the founding line of the company. Whether you are an experienced backcountry hiker, enjoy long family weekends at improved campgrounds, or simply like to incorporate outdoor lifestyle gear into your daily routine and recreation, ALPS Mountaineering offers quality products at prices that respect the consumer.

As a company that relishes the personal and professional relationships we have developed with you, our professional outdoor communicators and media outlets, we want to thank you for the support you’ve given us over the years. We also want to ensure those positive relationships continue and to let you know that we are here to assist where we can with your editorial needs.

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