International Firearm Corporation Debuts the 2019 IFC .410 Upper

International Firearm Corporation Debuts the 2019 IFC .410 Upper

(Midwest City, Oklahoma) – International Firearm Corporation, exclusive importer of an elite selection of European firearms is complementing the performance of the existing .410 upper by adding a more ergonomic design and further upgrading it with a barrel shroud. The new upper is currently in production as is ready for distribution immediately.

The 2019 IFC .410 Upper continues to bring increased shooting dynamics to the AR platform. The new design is poised to compete head-on with other AR15 platforms and provide a fun-to-shoot alternative to standard shotguns, the best of both worlds. This upper allows any AR15 to be converted to a .410 shotgun. The .410 Upper features an 18.5 inch barrel chambered in 2.5 inch .410 gauge. It also includes front and rear sight and is supplied with a 10 round polymer magazine (with larger round magazines available).

2019 IFC .410 Upper Specs: 

  • .410 Gauge 2.5 inch
  • 18.5 inch long barrel
  • Total Weight: 4 pounds
  • Gas Operated
  • 10 Round Magazine

“The 2019 .410 Upper satisfies the needs of shooting enthusiasts with exclusive, custom designed applications,” said Tony Mussatto, Owner of International Firearm Corporation. “The upper is designed for those shooters craving an experience coupled with performance-designed upgrades, all at a very compelling price point.”

The 2019 IFC .410 Upper is now ready for distribution.
The MSRP for the .410 Upper is $362 and it is available at any International Firearm Corporation dealers or at International Firearm Corporation. For more information about this shotgun and to learn more about IFC, visit or call (844) 432-4867

Please see us at Booth # 1350

For any other inquiries, please contact Director of Sales, Ted Hurst at  or call (844) 432-4867

About International Firearm Corporation – International Firearm Corporation was founded and created to import and market some of Europe’s most innovative, advanced and revolutionary firearms for the benefit of U.S. consumers. IFC holds itself to the highest of standards and strives to surpass the level of services, quality of firearms and commitment of any current U.S. firearm importer. The Company appreciates and respects the history and tradition of the European firearm manufacturers. International Firearm Corporation will attempt to use advanced sales and marketing initiatives to transform the mechanics of obtaining an imported firearm and distributing it to the end-consumer. From the moment the first part is assembled in Europe to the moment a U.S. shooter fires their first round, IFC will ensure an experience that is unique and above industry standards. 

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