We Interview Chris Mijic, Editor of the Firearms Guide.

Firearms Guide

What motivated you to create the Firearms Guide?


Well, my background is in journalism, IT, publishing and marketing so when you put those things together and you add some military experience and a love for shooting sports then you easily end up being the founder and editor of Firearms Guide. At that time I also became familiar with Shooters Bible, Blue Book and Gun Digest so I wanted to publish my guide that would have better material, be more user friendly and technologically superior to any gun book or guide on the market.


How does the Firearms Guide help the individual firearm owner?

The new edition of Firearms Guide is huge computer search able firearms, air guns and ammo reference guide that presents over 67,000 antique and modern guns and ammo from 1,000 manufacturers worldwide. It is computer search able with 14 different search criteria and presents guns and ammo with tech specs, MSRPs, features, ballistics and up to 12 hi-res images per gun. It is also huge gun value guide that presents antique and modern guns with gun values online based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings…and that is ideal for gun traders and collectors. Firearms Guide is also world’s largest gun schematics & blueprints library with 6,800 printable gun schematics, parts lists and blueprints for all types of antique and modern guns…and that is ideal for gunsmiths or any gun enthusiasts who need gun schematic, blueprint or parts list for his gun. So, every time when an individual gun owner is selling or buying some guns, when he needs gun schematics because he is fixing or upgrading guns, or if he is looking for important info about some guns, Firearms Guide is the easiest, fastest and best choice.

How would an individual use this guide on a regular basis?

The new edition of Firearms Guide is published as an online publication available at www.Firearmsguide.com and also on a dual Mac & PC DVD-Rom and super fast USB Flash Drive that you can put on your keychain. So the individual can use any of those three platforms according on his needs. The DVD is a great backup for your office, the Online Edition is always accessible from any computer or tablet and lighting fast Flash Drive edition is to be carried on your keychain so that is always with you when you need schematics, targets or gun info. If you are a gunsmith, Firearms Guide will be your best friend forever. 6,800 printable gun schematics, parts lists and blueprints that you can zoom on your screen to see smallest gun parts and you can print them in as many copies you need is something that gunsmiths love. If you selling some guns from your collection or if you buying some guns for your collection then you first login in Firearms Guide to check out gun values for that gun and then you buy or sell. Evaluating your guns for trade or insurance is easy when you have Firearms Guide. Plus, if you like to learn more about guns from 52 countries, to see modern tactical guns but also cool antique guns from earliest black powder muskets and flintlocks to most modern assault rifles and submachine guns then Firearms Guide is a right choice. Searching through 67,000 guns is easy when you can search them by caliber, year of production, manufacturer, country of origin, action , stock type, etc. We also provide free updates to keep our members always updated with all new guns in the world and also to present them more and more antique guns all the time. Our News section is also a great place to stay informed on new products and events on the market and in the shooting sports community.

How can we purchase the Firearms Guide?

The easiest way is to go to www.firearmsguide.com and to choose the edition/plaform you want.

What is one question you wished someone asked you about your business?

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about Firearms Guide in last 10 years. Our fans and users asked us almost all possible questions about Firearms Guide and how to use it. People or companies who want to copy us asked all kind of internal technical questions about database, files, web, structure, etc. Recently we have a lot of new type of questions (business questions) about services that other companies want us to provide for them. So question that I wished Amazon to ask me is: Would you sell us your company for this much?

What is the answer to that question?

For that much? Off course.


Published since 2009, Firearms Guide is the ultimate tool to search, find, identify, research and evaluate antique and modern civilian and military guns. Firearms Guide is offered by NRA and Sonoran Desert Gunsmith Institute as teaching tool for shooting instructors and gunsmithing students.


The new Firearms Guide 8th Edition is:

  1. A Reference Guide that presents over 67,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns and ammunition from 1,000 manufacturers worldwide

– Presents guns with Tech Specs – 45,000 Hi-Res Pictures – Features – Ballistics – Prices

– Computer searchable with 14 different search criteria: caliber, year, price, action, barrel length, etc

– Interlinked ammo and gun database! Check the stopping power of each firearm with just one click.


  1. A Gun Value Guide that presents antique and modern guns with gun values online based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings – ideal for gun traders!


  1. A Gun Schematics & Blueprints Library with 6,800 printable gun schematics, parts lists and blueprints for all types of antique and modern guns – ideal for gunsmiths!


  1. Better than Google for searching guns – With 14 search criteria you can perform simple or complex searches that you cannot do with Google and get precise search result. For example, if you type in Google “polymer frame pistol in 9mm” your search result is 482,000 web pages. The same search in Firearms Guide will bring up 300 relevant pistols.