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Introducing the 4-play Turkey Call

Introducing the 4-play Turkey Call

The 4-Play is a brand new take on the box call. While more turkeys are taken with a box call than any other type of call, the box call has not changed for generations, while most other products associated with turkey hunting have evolved. That’s until now! The 4-Play’s design is so innovative it was awarded a full utility patent from the US Patent Office. The 4-Play has a forward mounted wheel that allows it to play on both sides of the call employing four rails instead of the typical two. The 4-Play’s versatility doesn’t stop there though, as the wheel also allows the lid to move forward and back along each rail providing the hunter the ability to create an almost unlimited amount of tones! 

The 4-Play was developed by passionate turkey hunters and is built by talented craftsman right here in the USA. All our calls are built, finished, and tuned in our shop in Pennsylvania one at a time. We strive to bring you the highest quality possible. Each call uses a White Oak lid coupled with four different “sound rails” made of Walnut, Sassafras, Red Cedar, and Poplar. The bodies are offered in three different species Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut. While they do not affect the sound, the different bodies allow the hunter to pick one that appeals to their eye. 

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