Introducing The New Prois Pradlann Upland Vest!

By: Kirstie Pike

It has long been my desire to have or create an upland strap vest for women. I had literally tried every vest on the market, none of which were made for women. The vests were too big and could not be cinched onto my hips. Or they were too long. And NONE of them were conducive to putting birds into the game bag. I would literally have to take the vest off to get a bird placed. As well, the vests would sag once birds or ammo were placed in them, making movement awkward. I found the shoulder straps far too wide and uncomfortable. That said, our amazing production team got together to hammer out a vest that actually fit a woman’s form and could actually function in the field. The result…the Prois Pradlann Upland Vest!

What makes the Pradlann vest THE upland vest for women in the field? Let me count the ways!

  1. The hip belt is fit for a woman…not a man. Thus, it can be cinched down so the majority of the packload can be carried on the hip girdle.
  2. The shoulder straps are closer together than the straps on men’s packs. The result- an appropriate fit across the shoulders and back.
  3. The chest buckle strap can slide up and down so women can find a position of comfort across the chest.
  4. Ammo bags have sufficient room for shotgun shells, and they have a unique elastic/clip hook closure. NO velcro which is nearly impossible to navigate in the field.
  5. The Ammo bags also have zippered pockets on the outside that can house small items and cell phones.
  6. The lumbar region of the pack has additional padding and support for comfort for long days in the field.
  7. The game bag has a lower profile on the sides so birds are easily placed. As well, the game bag can expand significantly to accommodate more birds if necessary.
  8. Zippered pocket within the game bag for additional supplies.
  9. Back of the shoulder adjustment available to make the fit perfect no matter the body type.
  10. Mesh side pockets for water bottles or other supplies.
  11. Large back pocket to stow dog supplies or additional gear. Pocket closure is made with our unique elastic/hook closure.

After much testing in the field, and repeated use during pheasant hunts this season, all I can say is that I am very impressed with and proud of this product. For any woman who spends time in the field, I highly recommend the Pradlann Vest. You won’t be disappointed! Check out the Pradlann Vest on the website now!