Invest in a Better Habitat with Chestnut Hill Outdoors

As we grow older, our appreciation of a sound, long-term investment grows along with that investment. If your goal is financial security, you want to pick something that will increase in monetary value over time. If your goal is managing your land for wildlife, one of the best long term investments you can make is planting mast orchards.

Why Food Plot Trees are the best investment…

The number of deer and other wildlife any piece of land can support is directly related to habitat quality. Nut and fruit mast crops provide excellent nutrition for your game. By improving that habitat you can increase the carrying capacity of your land, allowing it to sustain more and healthier animals.

If you build it, they will come. Deer and other game are constantly looking for easily obtainable food sources. In time, your mast orchards will become a magnet to them.

The benefits are generational. Once deer learn to find food in the same place each year, they will teach their young, who will in turn, pass this behavior along to successive generations.

As with most any sound investment, the big costs are up front. After that you want them to continue producing benefits independently. That’s the beauty of mast orchards compared to food plots. Trees will bear mast for 50-100 years or more, with little or no additional care and no replanting.

Any financial advisor will tell you the importance of a diverse portfolio. It provides a hedge against short term fluctuations over time. Much the same applies to mast orchards. By planting a variety of types and species, you ensure there will always be some food available regardless of short-term weather or climatological fluctuations. Planting multiple fruit and nut mast crops also provides food over a longer annual span. You can plant mast orchards in more sites than annual food plots because of adaptability to different slopes, soil types and locations.

Planting mast orchards also offers a very positive cost:benefit ratio. It can be accomplished at relatively low cost per acre and there is no annual expense for tilling the soil, machinery for cultivation and planting or hauling machinery to the property, not to mention annual mineral and fertilizer treatments.  

By planting mast orchards you truly are investing in the future. In addition to the immediate benefits, planting trees for game and other wildlife is an excellent way to rebuild the native forest after it has been logged. Planting chestnut trees brings back the heritage of America’s original native hardwood forests. Your children, their children and many generations of wildlife will reap the benefits of your replanting the forests.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors is more than just a nursery. In order to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from their products, they also provide sound advice and instruction on proper planting and care. For more on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit, or call (855) 386-7826.

Chestnut Hill is the best place for you to purchase your food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different levels of growth.

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