Industry’s Most Fun Tournament, Rinehart Targets® Event is Family-Friendly and For All Levels

Janesville, Wis. — Rinehart Targets®, manufacturers of the most durable and lifelike 3-D archery targets in the world, is excited to kick off its renowned event of the summer – the 2020 Rinehart R100 Traveling Archery Tournament. This year’s 15-city tour will begin in the south and move its way across the U.S. Often called the “most fun summer event in the industry,” the tournament which regularly attracts thousands of archers features 100 life-sized and uniquely designed targets.

“The R100 Tournament is our signature event,” said Rinehart Targets President, James McGovern. “We love being able to put on a tournament that is great fun for both beginners and experienced archers.”

Drawing more than 10,000 shooters last year, the event is in its seventeenth year. A family-friendly, multi-day event at each stop, adults and kids of all ages are encouraged to participate. Serving as both an introduction of the sport to some, and a challenging good time for experienced archers, the event features 100 of the most unique targets, many of which are exclusive to the tournament. Archers will find everything from life-sized lions, hippos and T-Rex dinosaurs to elephants, zebras and even the infamous Sasquatch.

The R100 shoot features fun games, novelty shoots, raffles and a tournament awards ceremony where archers can win prize packages from event sponsors like Lancaster Archery Supply, Treelimb Quivers, Sword Sights, AAE, QAD, Vortex Optics, GAS Bowstrings and more!

Registration is now open so check out the schedule above, find a city near you and pre-register at for the greatest archery tournament in the world!  

Post your R100 event pictures on Facebook @RinehartR100 or Instagram @Rinehart_R100 using #R100shoot to participate in R100 giveaways and for a chance to be featured on the page.

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