Kent® Cartridge Hires Leisure Sales Rep Group

Kent® Cartridge Hires Leisure Sales Rep Group

Kent® Cartridge is entering the high-performance turkey shotshell market in 2019 with a new load called TK7 Penetrator™. These new loads are an ultra-high performance tungsten turkey load.

The loads feature #7 tungsten pellets with a density of 15 G/CC, 38% greater than lead, to deliver superior retained energy and knockdown power. In addition, the #7 pellets provide 60% more pellets than #6 pellets of equal payload. This high pellet count allows for lighter payloads with outstanding performance while providing managed recoil.

TK7 loads are loaded with buffered shot and a proprietary loading process to deliver extremely dense pattern cores at all distances.

The new loads will be offered in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge 3 inch loads. The 12 gauge load has 1 5/8 oz. and the 20 gauge load has 1 3/8 oz. of # 7 tungsten shot. Both have muzzle velocities of 1100 fps.

The shells are packaged 5 rounds per box and will be available at independent retailers across the country. To find a dealer near you, call Kent Cartridge at 888-311-5368.

Founded in 1997, Kent® Cartridge produces a line of high-quality shotshells for hunters and competitive shooters, including Bismuth Non-Toxic, Silversteel®, Tealsteel®, Fasteel®, Elite Target™, Diamond Dove, Steel Dove™, First Dove™, Fast Lead®, Ultimate™ Turkey, ProTrial™ Field Blanks, and Tungsten Matrix®.

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