Key Strengths of Swagger Bipods

Key Strengths of Swagger Bipods

The advantages of bipods are obvious and have been incorporated into firearm use to improve accuracy with consistent results. A quality unit will support a firearm without impeding its use or changing the accuracy of a rifle. Most bipods work well off of a shooting bench, but it isn’t hard to delineate the ones that provide flexibility in field application.

Swagger Bipods have been tested and proven under rigorous conditions to guarantee performance when and where it is needed.

Swagger Bipods have a simple mounting system, using a rifle’s sling swivel. On specialized, or tactical firearms, Picatinny Rail Adapters are available for simple, reliable use. On a standard rifle stock, the Swagger unit attaches in seconds and provides a solid base of backing between the support legs of the bipod and your rifle. The simplicity and ease of attaching the bipod allows you to do it in seconds.

First, remove your sling, drop the bracket over the sling stud long side down, attach with a single screw with a Phillips driver. Then, place the bipod over the stud, ensuring the pads of the unit make full contact with your stock; two supplied studs go into the only two holes on the bottom of the unit to secure it tightly with finger pressure. It is now ready for use.

Besides ease of installation and use, the Swagger Bipod legs provide flexibility the competition just cannot duplicate. The Flex-Ready legs allow them to bend and twist from a pivot point, keeping the shooter and rifle stable while changing position or following a target.

To offer more options to hunters and shooters, the Hunter29 Model extends from 6 ¾ inches to 29 inches, while the Hunter42 Model reaches 9 ¾ inches all the way to 41 ¼ inches. Grab a tape measure and hold the extendible ranges in front of you to visualize the options. Sit, stand, kneel, crouch, or lie down to shoot with complete support. Use the bipod in a conventional style or go crazy in your treestand where you can extend the legs to your foot platform or sit in a blind to aim your supported rifle out a shooting window or port.

When not in use, the legs retract into the bipod to keep you mobile. Anyone using a regular bipod would need a set of shooting sticks to have the same advantage of a Swagger Bipod, and you still wouldn’t have the flexibility and versatility you do by embracing a solitary product.

The strength and performance of Swagger Bipods are backed by its Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information on features and use, go to

Made in the USA and equipped with numerous unique high performance features, we at Swagger are confident that our bipods will do for you what no bipod has ever done before. We back claim that with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Swagger bipods are also covered by our Shoot With Confidence Guarantee. If your Swagger bipod does not give you more shooting flexibility and more shooting confidence, send the product back to us within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, and we will buy it back.

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