Kluch Takes On The White Marlin Open

Kluch’s owner Mikel Riseley hopped aboard the Electric Bill to fish in the world’s preeminent billfish tourney.

Ocean City, MD (August 27, 2019) – Mike Riseley, the owner of Kluch Clothing Company, was honored to receive and invitation to fish on board the Electric Bill during the 46th annual White Marlin Open. The captain, Jerry Owens, and crew, Chad, Donny, Zac and Mike, of the Electric Bill were able to make it to the weigh-in on the fifth and final day of the tourney.

Mike enjoyed his second time fishing in the White Marlin Open on the 60-foot Spencer with friends Chad Sanders, owner, and skipper Jerry Owens. Sailing out of Charleston, South Carolina, the Electric Bill has an impressive track record of catching fish in tough conditions, including landing nine swordfish in only three and a half hours one evening. With Jerry at the helm, Mike battled a white marlin that taped out at 69 inches which passed the minimum length threshold for weigh-in. Unfortunately, the impressive marlin would only tip the scales to 68.5 pounds, just shy of the contest’s 70 pound weight requirement.

“I was just happy that we made it to the weigh-in,” Riseley stated, quickly pointing out that he wouldn’t have an opportunity at a portion of the six million in prize money if it weren’t for the talented team of the Electric Bill. “All credit goes to the captain and crew. I was lucky enough to be fishing with good friends who are also loyal customers of Kluch; to have them put me on such a fish was even better. It was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to going back next year.”

Headquartered in Ocean City, Maryland, the White Marlin Open is the preeminent billfish tournament in the world. Year after year, the impressive purse attracts captains and anglers from across the globe, eager to try their luck in the exalted tourney. This year was no different, with 404 boats all vying for a portion of the record $6.2 million in prize money.

The White Marlin Open continues to break records, and the 46th annual contest was no different. Competitors landed 1,459 white marlins this year, shattering the previous record set only last year by over 100. The record for most release points by a boat, a record that stood for 39 years, also fell this year with a vessel out of Brielle, NJ releasing 28 whites. Tommy Hinkle on the Fish Whistle took the record-setting $1.5 million first prize with a 79.5-pound white, but everyone that participated-or watched-was a winner.

The tournament attracts more than it’s fair share of competitors but that pales in comparison to the amount of spectators that descend on the port city to watch-due in part to the friendly, happy nature of the residents of Ocean City. The entire beachfront community comes alive as hordes of observers look on to the 4 am parade of boats leaving the marinas. You can feel the electricity in the air at the scales each day, with scores of fans cheering at the weigh-ins. The entire seaport comes alive when the White Marlin Open comes to town.

When Mike says he’d rather be fishing, he means it. But on the days that he’s not, you can find him putting the same level of passion and dedication into Kluch’s line of performance wear.

Since 1992, Kluch Clothing Company has been providing teams and businesses with the best in custom branded apparel. The South Florida based company also takes pride in their lifestyle brand KLUCH APPAREL where their designs are inspired by the fishing & coastal industries across the US. For the last 27 years, Kluch has provided its customers with excellent service while delivering exceptional products that are fashionable and functional.

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