Kristine Fischer Joins Plano Pro Staff

Grand Prairie, TX (January 9, 2020) Imagine if you could travel all over the country in a comfortable motor home and fish until your heart’s content without the constraints of everyday life. The 32-year-old Weeping Water, Nebraska native and her fiancé are doing just that. Kristine Fischer is living the dream. 

“Bringing new anglers into our sport is important and Kristine Fischer sets such a great example for women, or anyone for that manner, looking to become a better angler,” said Chris Russell, Marketing Director of Plano Synergy’s Fishing Division. “She is a dedicated professional and fishes hard. In addition, she encourages others to try new things, expand their horizons, and excel at competitive fishing. We are very excited to add Kristine to our team of exceptional anglers”

With an ambitious 25 national tournament schedule that includes the prestigious Kayak Bass Fishing tournaments planned for 2020, Fischer and her fiancé plan to undertake a nomadic fishing lifestyle while the opportunity exists. Fischer hopes to build on a 2019 campaign that resulted in three national kayak tournament wins on Kentucky Lake, Chickamauga, and Pickwick Lake and a solid second place finish on Lake St. Clair. A highlight of the year was one of the wins secured her a spot on the USA World Kayak Fishing Team that will compete against other countries. She’s the first woman in the world to qualify for the event. 

Thanks to modern technology, Fischer will be able to continue freelance writing, content creation and enhancing her digital footprint while on the road. 

Growing up in rural Nebraska, you wouldn’t find Fischer in front of the TV or a video game. She was outdoors every chance she got. Fischer grew up in a fishing family that made annual trips to destinations like Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, Yankton, South Dakota on the Missouri River and Nebraska’s own Harlan Reservoir. The family routinely participated in local fishing tournaments, which instilled the competitive nature in Fischer’s blood. Her love of the outdoors life eventually lead to her addiction to kayak fishing. She admits to spending 250 to 300 days per year in a kayak in recent years. Although her claim to fame is catching bass, she admits to a passion for muskie fishing form a kayak. “My record to date is a 49 inches,” she shared. Fischer has also caught sturgeon and sailfish that were half as long as her kayak.

Fischer shared just how important storage is when fishing from a kayak. “There’s a limited amount of space when you’re fishing from a kayak,” said Fischer, “and kayaks can be a little wet, too so water-tight storage in important. I’m a big fan of Plano’s EDGE™ tackle storage system. It’s a great way to store everything from drop-shot rigs and jigs to crankbaits and keeps them organized, waterproof and with Rustrictor™, corrosion free. I’m a bit of a tackle junkie, but the EDGE system is a must for every angler.” The EDGE™ series captured the Best Of Show-Tackle Storage at the 2019 ICAST Show.  

Although fishing is her passion, Fischer’s goals include being an advocate for living in the moment and inspiring others to get outdoors and enjoy life. She is the co-founder of the non-profit World Wide Fishing Federation, which seeks to teach women about the ease and joys of kayak fishing.

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