Lakewood Products Introduces New and Improved Bowfile

Generous new design accommodates more sight mounts and longer stabilizers.

Suamico, Wisconsin – Lakewood Products, a division of Midwest Textile Manufacturing Corporation and the leader in shooting, hunting and fishing protective cases, has introduced a new and even more convenient Bowfile case with increased room for a sight and stabilizer. By adding 1.5 inches to the case’s already generous vertical height, the new and improved Bowfile now accommodates an even wider array of modern sight mounts and longer stabilizers. With an external vertical dimension of 17.5 inches and an internal capacity of 16 inches, Lakewood’s top-loading drop-in design is more convenient than ever for loading, transporting and storing a bow with all of its accessories on, including the quiver.

The soft-sided hard case design of Lakewood cases makes them the perfect back-of-the-truck bow case, but with TSA- and airline-compliant materials and construction they’re the ultimate companion for any travel. By wrapping ultra-durable sheets of ABS plastic with protective high-density foam that’s encased in drag-proof ballistic nylon, you have an exterior that offers protection like no other case on the market for both your equipment and your vehicle. Internally, each Bowfile incorporates blocks of custom-cut high-density foam to hold your bow securely during transport. Because of this method of construction, no case offers better protection. With a unique vertical orientation, Lakewood Bowfile cases are lightweight, pack and transport easily, and provide better protection than a soft case, with greater convenience than a traditional hard case that opens like a book. No-nonsense cases with functionality and durability at the core, all Bowfile cases by Lakewood Products are Guaranteed for Life, including the zippers!

Available in Black, Mathews® Lost® and True Timber® Kanati camouflage, each case features premium zippers, with nylon pull extensions, nylon webbing handles with secure closure and a convenient nylon webbing shoulder strap. Optional accessories include an archery accessory box and arrow box that maintain the same construction as the case itself, while an optional wheel kit adds additional convenience for easy transportation.

MSRP: $219.99 – $319.99

The all new and improved Lakewood Bowfile cases are available in 41-inch Single Bow, 41-inch Double Bow and 45-inch Single Bow configurations, and are proudly Made in the USA.

External Dimensions:

C275: 41-Inch Single Bow Case             41″x 8″x 17.5″

C276: 41-Inch Double Bow Case            two bows at 41″x 12.25″ x 17.5″

C245: 45-Inch Single Bow Case             45″x 8″x 17.5″


Internal Storage Dimensions:

C275: 41-Inch Single Bow Case             40.5″ x 3.5″ x 16″

C276: 41-Inch Double Bow Case            two bows at 40.5″ x 3.5″ x 16″

C245: 45-Inch Single Bow Case              44.5″ x 3.5″ x 16″

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