Local Apparel Company Launches in Phoenix with a Mission for Conservation

Mounted Horn To Donate Portion of Proceeds to Arizona Mule Deer Organization

PHOENIX— A new clothing company, that also brings more awareness on the importance of conservation, recently launched in Phoenix. Justin Renninger and Jason Ingersoll created Mounted Horn out of their shared passion for hunting and fishing. The company has a line of colorful graphic t-shirts and hats, all paying homage to the outdoors. Currently, there are more than a dozen designs to choose from that range from creative sayings to the silhouette of the Mounted Horn logo to graphics. A dollar for every shirt sold is also being donated to the Arizona Mule Deer Organization.

“When we initially started Mounted Horn it was more of a creative outlet for us to design and sell clothing that we would want to wear,” Ingersoll said. “As we began building the business, we realized we wanted it to be more than that. That’s why we decided to partner with the Arizona Mule Deer Organization.”

The state-wide non-profit uses funds to enhance habitat and waters throughout Arizona for mule deer. The organization works on various projects and initiatives to help benefit area wildlife. Currently, there are 2,500 members.

“We support companies that align with our mission of conservation,” said Vice President and Executive Field Director of The Arizona Mule Deer Organization, Terry Herndon. “We wouldn’t be where we are without our volunteers, member support and donations from those individuals and companies like Mounted Horn that help bring awareness.”

Renninger believes that it’s this extra awareness that helps set them apart from other apparel companies.

“The response since we launched in March has been positive,” Renninger said. “As hunters and fishermen, we care about our parks, the animals and the environment. Our focus on designs began with mule deer but we have expanded to include even more options, including fishing.”

Born in California, Renninger moved to Phoenix when he was 15 years-old. He was six when he picked up his first fishing pole and just 14 when he began hunting. The avid outdoorsman met Ingersoll, a United States Marine Corps veteran, in 2013. Ingersoll had been hunting and fishing for more than 25 years at that point. He is also an accomplished photographer and videographer.

Those interested in finding out more information or purchasing clothing, can visit MountedHorn.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @Mountedhorn. For more information on The Arizona Mule Deer Organization visit Azmuledeer.org.

Mounted Horn

Launched in 2019 by Jason Ingersoll and Justin Renninger, Mounted Horn is an apparel company that sells hats and shirts that pay homage to the avid outdoorsman and outdoorswoman. The Phoenix-based company is committed to promoting awareness on the importance of conservation. Visit Mountedhorn.com or like them on Facebook and Instagram @Mountedhorn for more information.