Lyman Makes Shooting Good Clean Fun

Lyman Makes Shooting Good Clean Fun

From bullets to guns, Lyman®

Products has your firearms hobby covered.

Summer months means lots of opportunities to get out on the range and review firearms. Keep your guns running with cleaning gear from Lyman. Let your readers know that Lyman stocks a variety of cleaning options for pistols, muzzleloaders and rifles. Check out a few examples below!

Don’t get caught with a dirty gun!

A compact, portable, all-in-one cleaning kit for handgun or rifle shooters. The portable, tactical style carry case is packed with all of the components needed to properly clean and protect your firearms. It features both solid brass cleaning rods, as well as flexible cleaning cables, and can handle calibers from 17 up to 45. The handle has a rotating attachment point for the rods, and also a slot to attach the cables to form a “T” shaped pulling handle.

(12) bronze brushes 12 – brass jags

(3) slotted tips 5 – brass cleaning rods

(2) cleaning cables 1 – cleaning rod/cable handle

(4) cleaning picks/scrappers 1 – utility brush

(1) pack of patches 1 – gun oil

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The Essential Cleaning Kit for Muzzleloaders

This kit will give you everything that you need to clean and service your 50 or 54 caliber muzzleloading rifle. The kit contains all the common cleaning accessories that you will need, such as jags, brushes, mops, patches and a breech scraper. A bottle of black powder solvent and gun oil are also included. The Black Powder Cleaning Kit comes packed in a convenient carry case so you will always have the tools you need at the range or in the field. Kit includes:

(2) bore mops

(2) bronze brushes

(1) package of patches

(1) breech scrapper

(1) 50 cal. jag

(1) 54 cal. jag

(1) nipple wrench

(1) patch worm

(1) ball puller

(1) bottle of black powder solvent

(1) bottle of gun oil

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Get Ready for Hunting Season with Lyman’s Digital Bore Cam

Inspect bores for wear, damage and fouling

Lyman’s Borescope provides active shooters with the means to carefully inspect the bores of their firearms for wear, throat erosion, tool marks, and other rifling or chamber damage, as well as for checking for fouling. The scope will fit 20 caliber and larger barrels and works with miniature camera technology. The digital display will show a clear image of the inside of the barrel and also allows you to take a photo of the bore. The image will be stored on a standard SD card and can later be viewed on a computer or laptop. The Borecam Digital Borescope by Lyman lets you know the condition of a gun and how good your gun cleaning methods are.

Scope fits 20 caliber and larger barrels

20″ long rod

Miniature digital camera technology

Images can be captured from the display and saved to a memory card

Whether your articles are about reloading, 1911’s, AR accessories or shooting gear, Lyman Products are available for your editorial consideration. Please contact Lyman’s PR representative, Laura Burgess, for more information.