Maintaining a blog during summer


Blogging during the summertime can be quite hard. That’s why we have some practicals tips on how to maintain a blog during summer. We’ll also have a look at how to create SEO-friendly URLs. Oh, and last but not least, a special shout-out to our Community manager Taco. Enjoy your reading!

How to create an SEO-friendly URL

Every SEO-friendly web page needs its very own SEO-friendly URL. However, there is not just one way to create the perfect URL. The structure of it depends on what kind of website you maintain. In any case, whether you have an online shop, a blog, a news site or a company site, you should always keep your visitors in mind. Check out our blog and explore all the options for an SEO-friendly URL that fits your website.

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Get star ratings in your snippets

Star ratings really make your search result stand out. Would you like to show potential visitors that your customers rate your product highly? Or enrich your snippets with images, videos, prices, and other valuable information? Learn how to all of this in our Structured data training!

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Maintaining a blog in summer

Blogging during the summertime can be quite the challenge. The rising temperature can distract you from your blog activities, or you might find it hard to find inspiration this time of year. How do you combine the summer heat and blogging? Caroline has some practical ideas in store, which will give your site a boost – even during a heat wave!

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Taco’s 5 year work anniversary

Taco celebrated his 5th work anniversary at Yoast yesterday. Plenty of reason to put him in the spotlight! Taco manages the international team of support engineers, who answer all of your questions on a daily basis. He’s also is very active in the WordPress community. He goes out of his way to meet new people, organizes meetups, and you may even have caught him MC’ing at a WordCamp too.

Taco, our highly appreciated Community manager at Yoast: thank you!